Fortnite: Epic Games removes brute mechs – after ‘outrage’ in community

The controversial mech for BRUTE in Fortnite Battle Royale was disabled by Epic Games, but bad news is good, because the change is not permanent.

The mechs, first introduced at Season X’s start (10), were an issue for many teams who thought that they were too strong and unbalanced.

Competitive teams were particularly angry because every player with a mech’s strength could easily remove and potentially win the game.

Image: Epic Games Casual users did not enjoy the fresh armoured car, but Epic was strong about the fact that they decided to insert the mex, arguing that their “ideology” was in keeping with their match.

Although the group has vocally removed the mechs, particularly with several flaws, since the beginning of the season–until now they have always been present. They are always present.

On 30 August, Epic revealed that owing to its aerial stump assault, the mechs had been damaged.

Not surprisingly, there were responses that asked for a continuous withdrawal, but this is just a “transitional” measure for now.

Epic hasn’t updated on the matter, which means that the mechs are still handicapped when speaking, so if you want to revive the days of glory of Fortnite before mech, now is the moment to fit in.