Riot is Releasing a Fresh TFT Beta Pass Task to Offset the Outage

Riot Games now offers Teamfight Tactics players a fresh weekly mission worth 250 experience points to compensate for a mission outage after the release of Patch 9.17 previously this week.

The fresh task needs players to play just one TFT game. Upon completion of the short-match, they will earn 250 points towards their advancement of the Beta Pass level, regardless of the outcomes.

Patch 9.17 published previously this week but followed by an outage that made it difficult for players to make progress in both the ranked TFT mode and the Beta Pass. In addition to the usual quality of life modifications and equilibrium updates, the patch launched the tier-five Dragon Guardian Pantheon as the recent champion of TFT.

Just over two weeks ago, TFT’s Beta Pass V.2 was released. Players need 6,800 experience points to receive all the benefits provided, but over the eight-week length of the pass they will be able to gain a maximum of 9,280 experience. Players will receive 70 experiences from the Orb of Enlightenment for every day they log in. Those who finish five games on the same day will receive a further 10 game experiences.

Players can also finish weekly missions to gain experience, although there are difficulties with tasks. Two missions are intended to be finished in one session, while two other missions are intended to complete a designated amount of missions. The remaining two missions will be a little more challenging and are intended to challenge players ‘ knowledge of TFT rules or approach.