Possible new IT: Chapter 2 crossover with Fortnite for Halloween

Epic Games famous Fortnite celebrated Halloween in 2018 with Fortnitemares, a spooky Season 6 event involving Cube Monster Zombies, Shadow Stones, Gargoyles and hunting ghost decorations— but in 2019 with Season X, the Fortnite: Battle Royale developers could celebrate by mixing Pennywise’s Dancing Clown. According to some leaks and rumors, Fortnite gets an It: Chapter Two crossover.

Fortnite has lately collaborated with Major Lazer on some unique cosmetics, is presently in the midst of a Borderlands 3 crossover event, and sometime next week, it could add it as well: Chapter Two-themed challenges and outfits. The Fortnite-It crossover could be even more in-depth than the limited-time event Stranger Things previously this summer.

ComicBook.com observed a series of Fortnite leaks on Twitter on Tuesday night. These have been reposted on the social media platform by many separate data-miner accounts, so it’s difficult to understand who discovered it first, but there are four sound bites each called “Illinois Laugh” and one “Flotation Balloon” marked as “CreepyBalloon” in the records of the game.

It: Chapter Two is mostly in Derry, Maine, so “Illinois” is a strange option for a file name, but if you listen to the sound records, they bear an unusual similarity to the evil laughter of Pennywise.


The “CreepyBalloon” leak has a comparable situation of misdirection as it seems to be a pink-white color in the game records rather than the bright red of the beloved balloons of Pennywise. If it looks like a regular balloon, why call it “Creepy?” Maybe that’s the strongest indication that it’s connected to an It in some manner: Chapter Two crossover.

Epic Games may reintroduce the consumable item of the balloon, which was vaulted at the beginning of Season 9, but adjust the previously random colors to make them all red. Perhaps one of the Pennywise sound signs causes when you inflate each balloon?

There’s also the obvious: if they can present a Demogorgon outfit with the Stranger Things, then Epic Games will have to develop a Pennywise outfit as part of any prospective It: Chapter Two crossover. If they don’t, what’s the point?