New Features Could Appear on Fortnite Vending Machines

Changes will be made to the Vending Machines in Fortnite Battle Royale, where the Machines will also offer materials, say Reddit users.

Epic will always update Fortnite by adding new items/weapons to the game, making map changes and making changes to existing objects in the game. For the first time, the Vending Machines were introduced to Fortnite in v3.4 update. The Vending Machines could be found in different locations around the map, and there are three items the Machines could sell.

You could purchase any of these items for the material, and here is the cost of the items when it was first introduced: in v8.10 Fortnite Update, Epic decided to make changes to the Vending Machines, and instead of exchanging materials for the weapons/items, you can now get it for free, but you can only use the machine once and it will disappear once you have claimed your item in v8.10 Fortnite.

Eric Williamson, the Design Leader at the Epic Games, actually responded to this Reddit post with, “Cool idea!”Which means we could see this added to the Vending Machines in the upcoming updates.

What do you think of this concept, and would you like it to be added to the game? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.