Power rankings of the LEC 2019 – Part 2

Power rankings of the LEC 2019 – Part 2

5) Splyce

Placing Vitality and Splyce in the rankings was very difficult. Since both team could easily exchanged their positions in the ranking. Only the Fnatic factor have been differential factor in the last season. It is really hard to say which of the two teams would have been placed further at the end of Spring Split.

We believe that, for the Summer Split 2019, we are look at a very strong team behind the snake banner. The side has made no change to the lineup because the organization believes that they have bright future together. No doubt they can show a better performance during this Summer Split.

6) SK Gaming

SK Gaming is undoubtedly the best surprise of Spring Split 2019 . With a young and motivated workforce, they scared a lot of teams and even won a place in the playoffs.

With the arrival of the very talented Rite on the toplane , instead of Werlyb , it is even possible that SK Gaming is even more impressive in the second half of the season. Let’s keep in mind, however, that they are young and inexperienced compared to many players in the European Championship.

7) Schalke 04

Victim of SK Gaming in late Spring Split, Schalke 04 has disappointed many fans by not reaching the playoffs . With a workforce that was believed to be very promising, the German team did not know how to make the difference after a fairly convincing start to the season.

The blues and whites add Trick in the jungle to increase their depth. The experienced Korean player knows Europe well and also hold a solid chemistry with Ignar with whom he played at bbq Olivers in South Korea. We will have to wait and see if Schalke 04 has the potential to finish in the top spots.

8) Misfits

Hans Sama, SoaZ, Febiven, GorillA and Maxlore … Should we still mention this squad as a dreamteam after the huge blunder of Spring Split ? Strong on paper, this team seems to be quite week when it come to chemistry.

We believe that the side has the potential to break it into the playoffs but these names are failing to adapt to the modern day gaming. If they manage to a breakthrough then we believe that Misfits have the potential to be called the dark horses of the season.

9) Rogue

With only 2 wins from the 16 games played last season. Rogue did not shine in the first half of the season. In order to change the trend, the team decided to get its Academy team into the tier one. A very interesting choice because Rogue Academy was quite brilliant in Ultraliga and has shown decent results in the EU Masters.

Led by veteran Vander, it is therefore a very young workforce that sets out to conquer the LEC . It may take some time to adapt, but they should probably offer better results than the previous season.

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