Power rankings of the LEC 2019 – Part 1

Power rankings of the LEC 2019 – Part 1

After the triumphal MSI of G2 Esports, it’s time to return to European soil for one of the world’s most prestigious League of Legends competitions: the LEC. Let’s see which teams have an advantage over their opponents for this Summer Split 2019.

It’s official, at least until the World Cup, Europe is the best region in the world thanks to G2 Esports and their victory at the MSI. So, this Summer Split 2019 in LEC looks more than epic and will probably be spectated by millions of fans from around the world. Let’s take a look at the teams before the start of the competition this Friday, June 7th!

1) G2 Esports

After a Spring Split and a triumphal MSI, it’s hard not to consider G2 Esports as the best team in the old continent and arguably one of the best in the world.

It is very logical that the No.1 rank of defending champions will not change by the end of the split. The roster of the team is surely prepared to face anyone who dares to contest them for the top spot. With a botlane that can prevail in the hardest situations, a jungler who is known for his title of first blood king and two invincible solo lanes. One wonders who in LEC can stop the king of MSI 2019.

2) Origen

After an excellent return to the highest level, the Origen, project of Deficio and Xpeke deserves to be taken seriously. The squad has come out very strong early in the season and we are all looking forward to seeing more in the second half of the season. Will we see the return of Origen to the Worlds? The competition will be tough but we believe that the side cannot be taken for granted after the Spring Split .

There are no roster changes in the team and it is normal when everything works well. Will they come up with a way to control G2 Esports ? The challenge seems daunting but no doubt they will be up to it!

3) Fnatic

Fnatic would probably have deserved to sit in the second place of this Power Ranking if tensions were not felt in the workforce. Indeed, the arrival of a replacement jungler for Broxah while he was playing extremely well throughout Spring Split shows some instability.

Will young Dan play more than Broxah ? Is the stability of the seide led by Rekkles is already compromised? The Summer Split should give us all the answers but we prefer to leave Fnatic at third place, as we wait to learn more about their form and their current roster troubles.

4) Vitality

We take a gamble and are place the French organization of Vitality at fourth place. The bees made a pretty good run at the Spring Split , before collapsing at the end as they had to face a very strong Fnatic side during the playoffs. Their only big weakness is the fact that, they are pretty predictable and their game can be countered.

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