A World of Warcraft streamer did not clean his room for 14 years!

20-year-old streamer World of Warcraft under the nickname Jaegerrmeister shocked Twitch viewers, showing his room. He has not cleaned it since 2005, when his family moved to a new home. Jaegerrmeister is well aware that he leads a terrible lifestyle, and believes that he suffers from a mental disorder.

For more than 14 years, the streamer lived practically at the dump – among cardboard boxes, expired food, empty cans, bags of dirty clothes and other rubbish. In the room he also kept several large packages, which he used instead of the toilet, so as not to go far from the computer.

Jaegerrmeister viewers were shocked by what they saw, and soon top casters, including Asmongold, the popular World of Warcraft streamer, drew attention to its broadcast. Especially for him, Jaegerrmeister conducted a tour of the room, where he showed two-meter “barricades” of garbage bags. Later, he jokingly warned viewers not to take a great interest in playing World of Warcraft: “Otherwise, your room will become the same.”

Responding to questions from the audience, Jaegerrmeister said that he would soon have a birthday, so he decided to finally restore order. Streamer cleaned the room and talked with the audience for several hours. During this time, he received a lot of new subscribers and donations from people who supported his decision to bring the room (and his own life) in order. Cleaning is far from complete, you can follow it on the channel Jaegerrmeister.

Next phase of World of Warcraft Classic revealed

The beta test of World of Warcraft Classic is entering the next phase. Blizzard Entertainment has raised the level cap from 30 to 40, allowing players to easily move to new areas of the map.

The current beta test of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft Classic has reached a new phase. The level cap is now no longer at 30, but at 40. In this way, it is now possible for the testers to play in certain areas such as the Stranglethorn and Desolace.

In addition, the Arathi Basin – one of the PvP battlefields – has opened its doors for a short time. The players must have reached at least level 20 in order to participate in the fighting. There are currently no other restrictions. In addition, Blizzard reduces the rebalancing costs by 99 percent to get more feedback on the various talents and skill builds. The necessary amount is no longer due in gold, but in silver. So the testers will certainly have more incentive to experiment from now on. However, this cost reduction applies exclusively to the beta of World of Warcraft Classic. The beta will end in August!

World of Warcraft Classic is one of the oldest titles let’s see how it’s revamp will be received the gaming community. Since it will be competing for players with titles like Fortnite, Dota 2 and much more.

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