Day 1 of the ECS Season 7 Finals

Day 1 of the ECS Season 7 Finals

On 6th June, MIBR and FURIA debuted in ECS Season 7 Finals and gave us the most exciting games of the competition so far. In a game of three overtimes Made in Brazil lost to North by 23-25 ​​( Inferno ).While the Panthers beat the 2nd best team of HLTV ranking, Astralis, by 16-14 ( Nuke ). FURIA returns to play today against NRG Esports. The next MIBR game will be against Complexity Gaming on Friday. Matches can be watched live on streams of the official FACEIT channel on Twitch.

FURIA vs Astralis

FURIA and Astralis faced each other on the Nuke map in the opening game of the championship,. The Brazilians won the first rounds of the game by dominating the pistol and next few rounds, but soon lost the advantage on the TR side. In the 4th round,  the Danes recovered and turned the game after an impressive 1v2 lutch Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. At the break, the Panthers went to the CT side with slight advantage with 8-7 lead on the scoreboard.

In the second half, the Danes won the pistol round and got control of the game as the team led, 9-14 and needed just two points to with the game. However, FURIA had other plans, the team played exceptionally on the T side with a solid defence. Andrei “arT” Piovezan and Ronaldo “ableJ” Júnior got triple kills to successful mount the comeback of the Panthers as they won 16-14.

MIBR vs North

In the next game, it was MIBR’s turn to face North on Inferno. The green and yellow team had a scare early in the game by losing the first two rounds on the CT side but soon recovered. The Brazilians drew the score and then dominated the action, breaking the Danes’ economy and opening a 9-point lead in the first half. The MIBR side ended the half 12-3 lead on the scoreboard

On the TR side, Made in Brazil completely lost control on the game and lost 11 rounds in a row. The team won a round after the scoreline read 14-13 for North, their efforts were not enough, since the EU side tied the game 15-15 and push the game to two overtimes. In the last extra time, North came out the winner with and impressive 25-23 win.


  • FURIA 16×14 Astralis (Nuke)
  • NRG 16×11 NiP ( Train )
  • Vitality 16×9 Complexity ( Dust2 )
  • North 25×23 (Inferno)

The Esports Championship Series (ECS), one of the most important competitions in the CS: GO competitive landscape. The event will be held between June 6 and 9, it is currently being contested by some of the best team in the world. The total prize pool of the competition is  US $ 500 thousand. Astralis is the reigning champion of the tournament, we hope that the team shine on the second day, since this loss on the first day will not help them in their title ambitions. We will try to cover all the games of the competition.

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