BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles criticized by the CS: GO community

BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles criticized by the CS: GO community

After changing the format of the BLAST Pro Series tournaments, the organizers increased the cost of tickets for the next championship in Los Angeles. They also shifted the date of the event and changed the location. Visitors were unhappy with such actions, since they see no point in overpaying for additional services that BLAST has committed to provide. We will tell you everything about what happened.

What happened?

Representatives of BLAST changed the format of the competition on June 5th. At the same time, they talked about the new services that will be provided to visitors at the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019. In addition to the standard viewership of matches and stands for entertainment. The consumer will now have access to the players and commentators areas, food courts and dedicated zones for taking photos with participants. The organizer will also invite several DJs who will perform between matches.

The organizers also moved the championship in Los Angeles from July 12–13 to 13–14 and moved it from the Galen Center to the HD Buttercup. All tickets purchased earlier will be returned to viewers within 7–10 business days.

What are dissatisfied with visitors?

Previously, the cost of access for one day was $ 25, and with taxes – $ 34. Now the organizers set the price tag at $ 99 per day and $ 149 for the whole weekend. Reddit users said that they see no reason to pay for additional services, such as a DJ set between matches, since they just want to watch the championship live.

Moreover, many visitors were going to go to the tournament from other cities. They considered that with the payment of all taxes, the cost of a ticket for both days would be about $ 200, which is three times more than before. Given the cost of travel, many viewers abandoned the idea to go to the championship.

Other users also noted a change in the location of the tournament. Previous was the Galen Center – indoor basketball arena, which seats up to 10 thousand spectators. The HD Buttercup building has become a new venue – it is a warehouse of a popular in Los Angeles furniture store. The organizers have not yet clarified exactly which of the two buildings of HD Buttercup they will use.

And what about the organizers?

So far no response from the representatives of the BLAST Pro Series has been reported. It is worth noting that earlier, the casters criticized the organizers several times. Commentator Matthew Sadokist Trivette said that not all participants of the BLAST Pro Series like to participate the tournaments, but they cannot speak about it in public. Analyst Duncan Thorin Shields also spoke ill about the organizers of the BLAST Pro Series. He stated that they had a bad attitude towards several people from the eSports industry. WIth the rise in prices, BLAST Pro Series might have pushed it own audience away. Lets see how it will impact the event in Los Angeles

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