YouTube & Twitch announce big changes

YouTube & Twitch announce big changes

Children under 13 can now stream to YouTube only under the supervision of adults. This rule should protect underage users of the platform from potentially dangerous exploitation. Google also promised to launch a self-learning algorithm for analyzing children’s content. If the channel violates the rules of the platform, it can be blocked.

YouTube went to such measures after a scandal , when in February 2019 it became clear that the audience of children’s streams are often pedophiles. One user published an investigation that YouTube’s video algorithms unwittingly help perverts to find new tools for harassment. Having learned about it, many companies and brands refused to cooperate with the platform.

After the scandal, YouTube tightened the rules for users and introduced new precautions. Over the year, more than 400 channels were blocked and 800 thousand clips that violated the site’s security policy were removed. YouTube also turned off comments on millions of videos of minors.

Twitch bans more accounts

The Twitch platform took similar measures and prohibited minors under the age of 13 from participating in the broadcast. Users between the ages of 13 and 18 can stream to Twitch only in the presence of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to abide by the terms of service of the platform.

New Twitch users will no longer be able to launch broadcasts without completing two-factor authentication. Representatives of the platform reported that they had to resort to this measure because of the situation with bots streams, which had previously emerged in the section on Artifact.

May 26 the media drew attention that the number of viewers and streams of Artifact has grown a hundred times. It turned out that the game itself was not shown in this section; instead, users were broadcasting movies, TV shows and YouTube videos. After that, the moderators began to block these channels.

Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud might not run on iOS

Apple has updated the rules for developing applications in the App Store, because of the new regulations Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud may not pass the store check. Previously, the company announced a streaming service Arcade, which will be available in the fall of 2019.

As per the new rules of the App Store, it is stated that only those applications that will broadcast games directly from personal PCs or user consoles will be allowed into the store. In Stadia and Project xCloud, the mechanism works differently – there the signal will be produced by devices owned by Google and Microsoft.

Stadia and Project xCloud will launch until the end of 2019. Previously, problems with the App Store came from a streaming service from Valve – Steam Link. This application was available on Apple devices after a delay of several months compared to the instant launch Android OS.

A year ago, Apple refused to add the application to its services. According to the developers, the American company explained banned it due business conflicts with store application policies that the review team was unable to notice.

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