HLTV reveals its rankings for May 2019

HLTV reveals its rankings for May 2019

Team Liquid surpassed Astralis in HLTV ranking and is the first new team to claim the sport after over a year of Astralis dominance. The American organization reached the 1000 point mark in the table after winning the DreamHack Master Dallas 2019. The Danes, who topped the rankings 406 days ago, currently hold 758 points. Another highlight of the update was FURIA : Brazilians climbed eight positions and sit at 11th place.

With the title victory on the last weekend, Jake “Stewie2K” Yip’s team got 201 points and dethroned Astralis. The lineup was crowned champion after beating ENCE in the big final by 2-1 in the aggregate scoreboard.

FURIA also had a good performance in the championship in question. The Brazilians defeated some strong teams in the tournament, such as Fnatic , Vitality and NRG. Meanwhile, the panthers were eliminated in the semifinals by the eventual champions of the competition, Liquid. With the performance, the team gained 148 points and rose from 19th to 11th.

Finally, the MIBR fell two places and is currently in eighth place. The Brazilians, as well as Astralis, did not participate in DreamHack and therefore did not score points. The HLTV ranking is the most authentic system in the competitive landscape of CS: GO. The portal updates the rankings three times a month, assigning points to the teams according to the performance presented in the championships.

The next major competition coming our ways is the ECS Season 7, if Astralis manges to win it then they will again claim the No.1 spot. Lets see if the Dans has what it takes to rise from the depths.

A female professional athlete was banned banned by FACEIT!

A professional female player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tatyana “Sindi” Gracheva, of ACES Esports, was banned for three days from FaceIt after insulting another player racially. Sindi raged on Noel “melonhead” Raki with foul language in the game chat and was banned after getting on Twitter. The case happened during a match on FACEIT servers.

The screenshots of the chats were posted on the social network by Melonhead. Sindi tried to justify herself by claiming that she and Melonhead were friends and that the offense was a reaction to her taunts. Sindi also argued that other players on the stage should also be blamed for inappropriate attitudes, including Melonhead himself.

Competitive games like CS: GO set a series of rules and your players must follow them. Cases of racism, homophobia and any kind of prejudice are banned and considered toxic behavior . Whoever disrespects these rules can be banned forever from the game servers.

As a result, Sindi was punished with three days of suspension of the FACEIT platform. Some of the community spoke on Twitter with complaints that the ban was small considering the seriousness of the infringement. The player accepted the ban and commented that she considered it only a warning, since it has a history of good behavior in the scenario.

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