Epic announce major changes after Fortnite World Cup

Epic announce major changes after Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games plans to upgrade the Arena mode in Fortnite and hold separate tournaments for different platforms. The developers of the “royal battle” told about this on the game’s subreddit.

Major points of  AMA-session:

  • After Fortnite World Cup will be held the tournament for the “triples” (teams with three participants).
  • Developers plan to hold separate tournaments for players on consoles and mobile devices.
  • Fortnite will update the “Arena” mode: they will add a seasonal ladder, as well as regular mini-tournaments without prize pools. For achievements in the “Arena” will give awards.
  • The company is exploring the option to remove the pre-editing feature during construction.
  • Programmers have not yet solved the problem of registering hits with shotguns, but they are working on it.
  • In patch 7.20, the line of sight at Gromoboy will be adjusted.
  • Developers plan to constantly “improve the quality of single matchmaking”.
  • In tournament matches, the same set of loot will be used as in regular games.
  • Participants in official tournaments will not be allowed to use non-standard screen resolutions.
  • The company is considering disabling vehicles in the later stages of the match.
  • Epic Games is working on a new, improved observing system.

Let’s see how many of these changes will be implemented into the game. We believe that the developers will apply all of the changes after the World Cup. Since the company has established a solid reputation of delivering much more than the expectations of the community. The developer constantly updates the LTM mode and also collaborated with major movie title for in-game events.

Fortnite Competitive AMA from r/FortniteCompetitive

Tfue and Cloak might miss out on qualifiers

Players Turner Tfue Tenney and Dennis Cloak Lepore may miss Fortnite World Cup for the duo, because the date of the qualifier will clas with the Celebrity Pro-Am tournament at E3 2019. Lepore complained about the situation on Twitter and asked developers to move the qualifier to the next day – on the the time of its post has collected almost 15 thousand likes. Representatives of Epic Games did not comment on the situation.

Celebrity Pro-Am is a tournament for professional players in Fortnite and celebrities from other fields. A similar event was held at E3 a year earlier. This time, Tfue will have to play together with basketball player Josh Hart, Cloak with musician Dillon Francis, and Tyler Ninja Blevins with American football player Marshawn Lynch. You can watch their matches on June 15–16.

Cloak wants week 10 qualifiers pushed back from r/FortniteCompetitive

Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Championship began in April, and the players will have the last chance to reach the final stage on the same days as Celebrity Pro-Am. This means that Tfue and Cloak will have to choose between two events. In the main event of the Fortnite World Cup teams will compete for $ 30 million.

We will have to wait and see if Fortnite will move the date of its last qualifiers. We believe that they will do it since the developer is known to fulfill the demands of the community.

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