Team Liquid win the semifinal of the DreamHack Masters Dallas

Team Liquid win the semifinal of the DreamHack Masters Dallas

Brazilian team FURIA Esports lost to Team Liquid in the semifinals of DreamHack Masters Dallas. The best of three series took place on the Nuke (13-16) and Overpass (4-16) maps . With the defeat, the Brazilian team was eliminated, while Liquid make its way to the grand finale. The NA side will compete in against the winner of the clash between ENCE x FaZe Clan. The champion will take home the prize of US $ 100 thousand.

Game 1

The first map of the series, Nuke was picked by FURIA. the Brazilians started the game on the front foot by winning the pistol round on the TR side. The Panthers won the first four rounds until Team Liquid recovered and broke the win streak. The NA giants turned the game and got a decent lead, closing the first half 10-5.

The second half began in a similar. This time on the CT side, the Brazilians won the pistol round and also won the following three round. Andrei “arT” Piovezan, awur of FURIA, got three opponents using the knife, which somewhat embarrassed the Americans. Team Liquid managed to win a few rounds until the Panthers even out the match, after 29 rounds played, the score line was in favor of Liquid, 14-13. After that, the horses won a good clutch and maintained the pressure until winning the first game 16-13.

Game 2

The second map of the series, Overpass was picked by Liquid. The Horses showed from the beginning why they selected to play on it.

The NA side won the pistol round and won several rounds in a row, and brutally dominated the Panthers. Team Liquid closed the first half 14-1, carrying a big lead for the second half. FURIA tried to recover but could not, and just few minutes into the half, the game ended 16-4. With the victory, the Americans made their way to the final, where they will face the winner between ENCE x FaZe Clan.

The DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 is one of the biggest competitions hosted by DreamHack, which also features the DreamHack Open. This is a LAN event that started on May 28, with the final scheduled for later today. The championship takes place in the city of Dallas, United States. FURIA Esports was the only Brazilian representative in the competition, which initially had 16 participating teams. The total award of DreamHack Master Dallas is $ 250,000.

Let’s see who will win the trophy. From the personnel perspective, we will love to see Liquid lifting the title. Since they are the only team at the moment that is capable of dethroning Liquid from the first spot. If the manage to win the dreamhack, it would be a great build up to the ECS Season 7 finals, that are scheduled to take place in the next week. It will host some of the the top eight team in the world, which will compete for a prize pool of $500,000 USD.

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