Yuumi gets picked for the first time in tier one

Yuumi gets picked for the first time in tier one

Despite facing fair share of problems upon its release, Yummi has made its way to the competitive landscape of League of Legends. The champion is quite popular in NA Academy and other tier two leagues. Yet last night, it was first picked in the tier one league, FunPlus picked the magical cat in the opening game of the LPL.

Yuumi was picked by by Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song and played it well against the runner-ups of the 2019 Spring Split, JD Gaming. Yuumi was drafted late into the pick and ban phase. FunPlus picked it up as a counter to the bot lane combo of Leano and Xayah. The team also picked up Lucian, Ryze, Olaf and Sylas. This high nuking draft of FunPlus proved to a problem for JD Gaming.

The Summoner Spell, Exhaust and Heal were picked up by Crisp. While to from a strong chemistry with Prowling Projectile he picked up the Arcan Comet key stone. This enabled Yuumi to slow the movement speed of it’s opponents by 80% at level 5. So it enabled him to land the Comet easily on his opponents, guaranteeing an exceptional amount of burst damage. Athene’s Unholy Grail was rushed by Crisp after that he picked up Mikael’s Crucible and Boots of Lucidity to completely shutdown JD.

This smart item picks of Yuumi, enabled FunPLus to take control of the game. Since they managed to win almost every team fight. Despite giving up the first blood, FunPLus was able to turn the lane phase in their favor after three quick kills.

Things were going quite smoothly as JD prepared their lineup to take down important objective. But FunPlus had other plans as Crisp and the jungler “Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang jumped behind the towers to get three kill and secure the dragon. After that JD constantly struggled to get farm from their own side of the map, with Olaf and Yuumi constantly hunting for kills. Apart from their carries, Gu “Imp” Seung-bin’s Xayah and Zeng “YaGao” Qi’s Cassiopeia no one had any items to take on FunPlus in the late game.

JD was forced to take unwanted team fights which led to their carries short on items. Fun eventually ended the game at the 26 minute mark with an attractive 15,000 gold lead.

We have seen Yummi picked in a number of developmental leagues in the professional landscape. She made over five appearance in the NA Academy league. Overall she holds over 64% win rate in 17 pro games.

These might not be the best statistics, yet they are enough to prove that Yuumi is good pick if it is played in the right hands. At the the time of its release, Yuumi had the lowest win rate which led to the developer giving her some buffs. Even after that, she continued to perform poorly in Pub games but the recent pro games have shown that the community just needs to know how to play the champion.

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