Volibear and Fiddlesticks rework coming in 2020

Volibear and Fiddlesticks rework coming in 2020

In the beginning of May, Riot asked the LoL community to vote which champion it wants to see get the rework. The developer posted the results earlier today and a the end the polls were quite close. The official page reported that there was a difference of less than 100 votes between Fiddlesticks and Volibear. Due to this small difference, RIot Games have officially revealed that both champions will get the gameplay and visual upgrade in 2020.

Apart from the verdict, the developers revealed all the votes percentages of each champions in all the major regions. Apart from the top two, Voli and Fiddle, the third spot was secured by Shyvana who had less the 4% votes compared to the winners. In the Chinese region, we had different results, Shyvana got the first spot with the most votes, while Nocturn got the least. Riot in the post highlighted that they will keep a close eye on these results when making changes to the other champions of the game.

An insight into the upcoming reworks

The dev team that will be initiating the reworks also shared their perspective about how they will be making the changes. Riot Lutzburg indicated that he will not change the key elements of the Volibear and still make him do bear stuff in his reworked version. Lutz also highlighted that Volibear will get major kit modifications and Riot will let his keep his “thunder god” image. He said that he will let the community know about the changes in the near future.

The dev team has also planned something similar for Fiddlesticks. Since they have revealed that they will work around his “iconic ambusher role”. They also told that they will upgrade his mechanics that will make him  more relevant to the meta. One of the concept artists, Kindlejack was ecstatic to find out the his favourite champion is getting a rework. He said the it is his dream to modify Fiddle, from the first day he was recruited by Riot. In the excitement, he revealed some interesting sketches of the champion. He ended his statement by saying that Fiddle is the  most terrifying champion in the game. Lets see how the developers will make changes to two of the most oldest champions of League of Legends.

Initially, Riot Games promised to make a new design for one character, but the results of Volibear and Fiddlesticks were so close that the studio decided to update both of them at once. It is expected that the characters will get new looks and animation abilities.Redesign of both characters is scheduled for 2020.

Lastly, Riot Games has released a documentary video, which told about the update champion Mordekaiser for League of Legends. The developers have completely reworked the character’s ultimatum, allowing him to take opponents into the kingdom of death and fight there alone.

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