The International prize pool surpasses $15,000,000

The Battle Pass of the TI9 arrived in Dota 2 on the 7th May. About 21 days the prize pool of The International 9 has rose to exceptional heights. It started from the base prize of $1,600,000 and at the time of this writing has exceeded over $15,000,000.

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You should know that only 25% of the amount on the purchase of the Pass is added to the prize pool. You can also boost this amount by purchasing the level of the pass. What’s fascinating is that compared to the same time last year, the prize is about three million Dollars more in the first 23 days of its release.

So far, the developer has added on one Immortal Treasure and an Earthshaker Arcana that is available to the owner who have at 365 level. The features that arrived with the Pass exceeded the expectations of the community. We won’t be surprised to see more exciting content coming our way since we are still a couple of months away from the main event.

The content and the features will surely play an important role in the growth of the prize pool. At the moments we have the Young Invoker Persona, and at level 305 we have an exclusive item, Acolyte of the Lost Arts. Our favourite, aside from the Arcana of the Shaker, is the Exclusive Bare Knuckle Axe which is available at level 425. Lastly the developers has also included an adventurous in-game event titled Wrath of the Mo’Rokai. We are waiting for some more refreshing features, items, sets, and in-game events making their way to the game.

Will it break the 2018 record?

In 2018, The International 2018, defied all the odds by establishing a new record for the prize pool. Since the champions of the competition OG took home more that $11,000,000 after a phenomenal display. The EU sided didn’t lost a single series in the upper bracket. The TI prize pool was over $25,000,000 and around $24,000,000 were contributed by the community. This just shows the love and dedication of the community toward the Dota title.

We are really hoping that a new record will be established in the next three months. From 20th to 25th August, the main event of The International 2019 will be hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in in Shanghai, China.

Lastly, last night, Auto Chess Pass was added to the in-game store of Dota 2, which gives users premium content. A monthly subscription costs $ 0.99. A part of the income will be transferred to the developers of the mod – Drodo Studio.

Valve introduced Auto Chess Pass as a measure of support for modders, after it announced its own similar project . The subscription provides cosmetic improvements — for example, the Baby Roshan skin for couriers, a gold frame for the player’s avatar, and special attack animations.

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