OG and Vici Gaming Eliminated from ESL One Birmingham 2019

OG and Vici Gaming Eliminated from ESL One Birmingham 2019

We are currently witnessing some exciting action in the playoff stages of the ESL One Birmingham 2019. Teams like OG and Liquid have bid farewell from the competition after superb performance from the underdogs of the event. Let’s have a comprehensive look in two the matches that took place earlier today.

The International 2018 champions bow out

Team Secret and OG had their fair share of troubles in the first phase of the competition. Yet, they did enough to make it to the the lower bracket of the playoffs. But to progress to the next phase, the two giants of the competitive landscape of Dota had to compete against each other. In the first game of the best of three series, Secret dominated the TI8 champions. The averaged one kill per minute and the ended the game around the 30 minute mark. Things didn’t go any better for the team in the second game of the series.

In the Game 2, Puppey wanted to make things exciting and drafted the newly added hero, Mars for Ludwig ‘zai’ Wåhlberg. The No.1 ranked of the DPC ended the game in half an hour as they came out all guns blazing. The 0-2 loss means that OG is officially eliminated, the team will now meet TNC in the lower bracket later today. We might even write up a review of the match. So keep checking the website, for one of the most exciting games of the competition.

Gambit continue the upsets

After beating Team Liquid, the CIS side, Gambit continued to wreak havoc in London. It is great to see that the side is fighting all the odds and making a fairy-tale story in the last few weeks of the DPC. The team had take on Major champions, Vici Gaming in the next round of the lower bracket. Despite the win against Liquid, the critics thought the Gambit was lucky and will be comprehensively dominated by Vici Gaming. But they proved everyone wrong and beat Vici 2-0 in quick succession.

In the the second game of the series, Alexander ‘Immersion’ Hmelevskoy was absolutely brilliant on his Earth Spirit. Since in the 30 minutes played, he achieved 17 kills and 18 assists to just one death. He also achieved a new record for supports in half and hour.  

We believe that the side is an unstoppable force at the moment. Their next match will be the winner of the game between TNC Predator and Secret. It will be exciting to see how this team will continue to perform in the future. The grand finale of the competition will take place in the early hours of Monday morning.

ESL One Birmingham 2019 is held from May 28 to June 2 in the UK. In the championship, 12 teams play $ 300 thousand. The winner will earn $ 125 thousand. The tournament is not included in the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019 series.

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