Beast Coast removes EternaLEnVy from its lineup

Beast Coast removes EternaLEnVy from its lineup

Less than three weeks after announcing their arrival to the competitive landscape, Beast Coast is making big changes to its lineup.

The organization has parted ways with Timothy “tmt” Ong and Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao after a poor showing at the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major. The side finished dead last in France and after that didn’t qualify for the last Minors and Majors of the Season.

TEAM TEAM recruited EnVy to its lineup on the eve of the qualifiers of the MDL Major. The NA side fought against all the odds to claim the spot for the main event. However, a week before the tournament, the team terminated its contract with Jason “Newsham” Newsham and Nico “Gunnar” Lopez. It was a shocking announcement and the Dota 2 community blamed Envy who is infamous of making such harsh moves. TEAM TEAM spent some time without a sponsor and was eventually picked up by Beast Coast. Yet, as previously mentioned, Beast Coast failed to make a mark in the competitive world. As consequence, the side has claimed that they have removed two renowned names from its teams to compete with a strong team in The International 2019 qualifiers.

In the official announcement, the organization has revealed that: The made an investment by signing Team Team in the first week of May. The purpose of doing so wa to achieve success in the MDL Major. Yet, the side has displayed poor performance, so these changes are inevitable for the success of the team.

Substitutes revealed

Tmt and EnVy will be replaced by Kartik “Kitrak” Rathi and Ravindu “Ritsu” Kodippili. The dup will be representing Beast Coast for a trial period. You can see the roster of the team in action later today at the WePlay! Tug of War: Dire America. Beast Cost will start their campaign in the competition with the matchup against Nic Cage.

Jackie “EternaLENVy” Mao and Timothy “tmt” Ong resigned from the Beast Coast. According to the club leaders, the parties broke up due to unsatisfactory results in tournaments. In the next matches, Beast Coast will test several standins, after which it will announce the squad, which will represent the organization for the TI9.

EternaLEnVy and TMT moved to beastcoast in early May when the organization signed their TEAM TEAM membership to MDL Disneyland® Paris Major . At the tournament in France beastcoast took 13-16 place and earned $ 10 thousand.

We believe that these won’t be last changes to the professional organizations. In the coming weeks we should expect some more shocking more. Since after the Major and the Minor, we will see many teams moving players for the hope of securing the last remaining slots of The International 9.

The most prestigious competition of Dota 2 will take place in August. It will host the best teams in the world in Shanghai, China at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Only time will tell if we will see Envy making his way to the event.

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