Replay feature finally arrives in Overwatch

Replay feature finally arrives in Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment is launching a long-requested feature in the online shooter, Overwatch. It’s a replay feature that lets you watch your previous games in peace. At the moment it is in testing phase and you can check it out on the PTR server.

For a long time, the community demanded a replay function for the online shooter Overwatch . However, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment failed to fulfilled this wish in the past years. Finally, the team has actually introduced the replay feature, yet it is only available in Beta.

The Replay feature can be tried out on Overwatch’s PTR server, where you can put it to it test in your own games. It is possible for you to watch the last 10 games in the replay. By the way we should tell you that the training and the tutorial games cannot be accessed at the moment. Yet, you can easily watch replays of the  professional eSports games. You can pause, slow down or speed up the game at any time. The change of perspective can be easily done as in the live broadcasts of the official Overwatch League. Lastly, you should know that the replays will only be available until a new patch is released. Blizzard Entertainment has not revealed that for how long will it be on the PTR and when will it be the released on the Overwatch live servers.

Third anniversary of Overwatch

Currently, The online shooter Overwatch is celebrating its third anniversary. The celebrations of the anniversary started on 22nd May 2019, and are expected to end on 10th of June. Among other things, you can expect some in-game extras and a free trial version.

The month of My marks the fact that, the online shooter Overwatch is three years old. To celebrate this occasion, the developer studio Blizzard Entertainment has organized a large-scale anniversary event.  During this time you can look forward to some new extras in Overwatch. These include six new legendary and three epic skins for the currently available characters. In addition, Ashe, Baptiste and Wrecking Ball each receive an additional dance emote.

Furthermore, we will see the comeback of Brawls in arcade mode as well as cosmetic content from past events is expected. But that’s not all: From 22 to 28 May 2019, you also have the opportunity to get a taste of Overwatch for free. This is made possible by a trial version, which is available for download for all interested players. Here is an overview of the anniversary event of Overwatch:

New extras

  • The anniversary event includes six new legendary and three epic skins.
  • Baptiste, Ashe and Wrecking Ball come up with new dance emotes.

The favorites coming back

  • During the anniversary event, seasonal cosmetic extras will be up for grabs, including the popular dance emotes of recent years.
  • Past seasonal brawls return to the arcade and will alternate in a daily rotation.

Free days

  • Overwatch and the Anniversary Event is available  for free during our free days from 22 to 28 May.

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