Dreamhack announces an official female CS: GO tournament

One of the oldest and most successful eSports organizers, Dreamhack, announced an exclusive tournament for women. Some of the best female athletes will compete on the the Spanish soil for $100,000.

The Dreamhack Valencia, that will take place in July will feature eight female teams in the  DreamHack Showdown. Out of these eight participants, two team will receive a direct invite. Meanwhile, the rest of them will have to take the long road, through the Asian, North American and European qualifiers. Each region will be allotted two slots.  

The co-CEO at DreamHack AB, Marcus Lindmark is confident that the event will boost confidence of the female athletes. He hopes that the competition will unite different cultures in one of the biggest competitions of the year. In 2019, the DreamHack Showdown will be one of the biggest premier competitions in the women’s community. Earlier this year, the females competed in the the WESG World Finals and the Intel Challenge Katowice. Females sides also competed in the IEM Katowice Major.

Lindmark also imphesized that the Dreamhack events is for the entire eSports community. Their aim is to develop the industry. The DreamHack Showdown will take place in the first week of July. Team can sign up on the event’s website to participate in the regional qualifiers.  

Grenade & molotov cheats found in CS: GO

The CS: GO fans found a command that allows them to change the shape of the smoke and the area of spread of fire from the molotovs. These commands are not blocked by the anti-cheat and work on the official servers of the game. One of the renowned enthusiasts, Don Haci showed exactly how the commands work. He posted a few illustrative examples on Twitter. He also applied a command to the Molotov cocktail, that managed to make the fire disappear for half a second.

When playing on third-party platforms (FACEIT, ESEA),a team can only use each command once per round. It should be noted that theses commands don’t work on the flash and decoy grenades.

Reddit users found that the commands can change the form of smoke and fire, since their parameters are in the client of the game. It means, only the player who threw the grenade will be able to witness the changes. Perhaps these commands enable you to throw a grenade into a narrow passage and allow you to choose a convenient form of smoke. This way you can have tactical edge over your enemies.

It is difficult to determine how strongly these commands can affect the competitive scene. Valve representatives have not yet commented on the situation. The reddit fans of CS: GO have already joked that this is what helped Astralis win so many tournaments. We recommend you to enjoy these commands as much as you can in your competitive games before Valve fixes the problems.

There’s expected to be a slight dip in esports betting, says many esports betting sites, due to the studies that suggest women don’t bet or even have interest in esports.

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