Respawn announces plenty of bug fixes for next update of Apex Legends

Respawn announces plenty of bug fixes for next update of Apex Legends

In the next update for Apex Legends, developers will partially fix sound problems and some known gameplay bugs. Respawn Entertainment studio unveiled the details to the community on the subreddit of the game.

Sound Bugs

Representatives of the company assured that after the update, problems with sound will occur quite less, and they are unlikely to disappear completely. According to developers, the sound engine of the game will work “at 30% more efficient.” They will also increase the volume of the steps and change their priority in the general audio setting. Previously, many Apex Legends users complained that some sounds were distorted or were completely unheard in the game like shots fired, footsteps, etc.

In-game Bugs

The upcoming patch should also reduce the problems associated with the hitboxes. The developers clarified that the hit rate is unlikely to work perfectly, but “in general, the situation should improve.” Fix bugs will also fix the passive abilities Caustic and Gibraltar, with which heroes take 10% less damage. Earlier it was reported that their health bar got reduced, even if the heroes had a shield.

The developers also acknowledged that they are also aware of the bug with Strim ability of Octane. Sometimes, the animation freezes and players cannot shoot, collect loot or use equipment.  In the reddit thread, one of the developers confirmed that the studio is aiming to fix this issue.

We hope that the Studio fixes most of these problems in the next patch and as soon as possible. According to the developers, the update will be released next week.

Pros frustrated with Apex Legends

NRG eSports player Kobe Dizzy Meadows complained to Apex Legends developers for the lack of content in the “royal battle”. He made a repost message from the official twitter of the game, adding a topical joke to it.

On May 16, Apex Legends official twitter published an excerpt from the story of the Pathfinder character – a robot that has unsuccessfully searched for its creator for 725 days. In the repost recording, Dizzy indicated that fans of the game have been waiting for new content from Respawn Entertainment for the same amount of time.

The American player greatly exaggerated waiting times, since the game was released only in February 2019. Nevertheless, over the three and a half months since the release, the developers added only one weapon and one champion to the shooter, and also released a battle pass, which the community criticized for boring challenges and bad rewards.

At least I know there’s nothing wrong with my aim. from r/apexlegends

Studio Respawn Entertainment has promised that in the second season will release more content for the game. Details about the new season will be unveiled  in June, at the exhibition E3.

Dizzy – the first professional player in Apex Legends, who signed a contract with eSports organization. Let’s hope that Apex will find its way into the top ranks of the Twitch charts. Since owing to these bugs and the lack of content, streamers are tired of playing Apex.

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