Possible downfall of Epic Games store?

Possible downfall of Epic Games store?

Epic Games Store appeared from the blue, and made its name by making exciting announcements. The creators promised to take only 12% of the profits of games published in EGS, and also added a 5% commission for using the Unreal Engine. On Steam, developers have to give 30% of sales to the store which according to many, was a huge percentage. So the difference in the cuts made Epic quite popular among the masses.

At the Game Awards store, Epic Games introduced products from third-party companies, and this list turned out to be very decent with titles like, Super Meat Boy Forever and World War Z. It seemed that the store will remain a kind of showcase for Fortnite and other games from Epic. But then metro gate happened.

Stealing from Steam

In January, the publishers of Metro: Exodus (which at that time could have been pre-ordered on Steam) stated that the game would be a temporary exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The shooter was instantly removed from, leaving all pre-orders in a miss. Yet Steam announced that everyone who placed the order would still get access to Metro, but it was too late – hatred for EGS flared up with a new force.

The aggressive policy of EGS did not pleased the gaming, many of whom said they would prefer to download a pirated copy of Metro: Exodus. The creators of the service didn’t stop there and introduced several more major titles, including The Division 2 and Borderlands 3, exclusively for EGS.

Too many online store

At first, Epic Games Store was disliked precisely because of the situation with Metro: Exodus, but today it is also criticized for other sins. Firstly, no one wants to put another launcher on the computer. Players already have to deal with Steam, Uplay and Origin. It is logical that only a few will want to download the fourth similar service.The second is the lack of user feedback in EGS. On Steam, reviews are very important.

Since there have always been questions about the quality of the game. In EGS, it is impossible to read other people’s opinions about products. Ironically, at this time, hundreds of reviews on Metro: Exodus have already appeared on Steam, although you cannot buy the game in this store.

Lack of transparency

The next questions for EGS appeared in March 2019. The user reddit noticed that the store collects information about his computer. The service tried to access files from various programs (even browsers), analyzed PC resources and copied Steam system files. Subsequently, the developers explained why EGS does this (everything is really necessary for the service to work), and admitted that they “hurried with the launch” and should have made things more clear. But this statement didn’t help to improve the reputation of the store.

No support for Linux

Epic Games also stubbornly refuses to recognize the existence of the Linux operating system. The company’s CEO Tim Sweeney on Twitter transparently hinted that a separate client for this OS should not be expected.

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