NA takes on EU in the grand finale of MSI 2019

If there is one thing that League of Legends has taught us, it is that: You should never underestimate your opponents. Proof of this statement are the two teams that will fight in the final of the MSI. Both G2 and Team Liquid have beaten the favourites of the competition for the opportunity to win one of the most prestigious titles in the competitive world of League of Legends.

It is the first time that there is no Korean and Chinese team in the final. This been made has been possible thanks to the phenomenal performance of Team Liquid in the first semifinal. Meanwhile, G2 beat the 3x time world champion to write its name into the history books.

Team Liquid crushes Invictus Gaming 3-1

Team Liquid had been showing some glimpses of brilliance in the group stage. Despite securing qualification on the last day, it was evident that the team will give a tough fight to Invictus Gaming. The World champions could only win one of the matches of the best of five series against the Americans. In every game of the series, Liquid capitalized on the errors of IG to get claim a spot in the grand finale.

The last game of the series was comprehensively dominated by Team Liquid. From the beginning of the game the completely outplayed Invictus Gaming. Even though Invictus tried to push the game as late as possible. They were helpless against the mid lane Lux of Nicolaj ” Jensen ” Jensen.

SK Telecom beaten by G2 Esports 3-2

G2 was one of the favorites of the competition, but it was very difficult to think that they could beat the legendary SKT1 team. The series between both teams was quite intense, and until the 5th game we did not know who would be the winner of the MSI semifinal. Each game was pure emotion and was undecided until the last minutes

In the decisive game it seemed that the Koreans would manage to beat the Europeans. But an incredible fight next to the Baron pit, ensured that G2 will represent the European continent in the final of the MSI. They series had everything you could think of, we saw Pyke getting an Ace. Meanwhile, in the third game G2 won by the infamous backdoor tactic. If you are a fan of the game then we recommend you to check out the highlights of the series.  

Europe against North America in the final of the MSI

We will know by tomorrow evening that which team will be crowned the champion of the 2019 edition of MSI. The meeting could be considered as a classic between regions due to the rivalry that both have always had. Can we say at the end of the day that EU> NA? Only time will tell.

It is quite hard to predict the winner of this encounter, but we are sticking with G2, since the team has been exceptional from day 1. Meanwhile, Liquid have had their fair share of troubles, nonetheless it will surely be one of the most entertaining series of the season.

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