Team Liquid takes down Invictus Gaming at LoL MSI 2019

Team Liquid takes down Invictus Gaming at LoL MSI 2019

The first round of the playoffs started with the confrontation between Team Liquid against the favourites, Invictus Gaming. The NA side fought against the world to beat the reigning world champions 3-1 and eliminate them from the MSI 2019.

Game 1

The match started with both teams competing for supremacy from the first minute. Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning tried to get IG on the front foot. Yet against the odds, Liquid came out on top with an incredible defensive display. The frustrated CHinese team then took unnecessary fights in the hopes of catching out Liquid on the back foot. They even got the Baron Buff and took one objective after the other.

When Liquid looked down and out, the NA side tried to get back after giving their all in the fight next to the Baron pit. Yet their efforts were not enough since IG got a team whip and tried to end the game with an all out push.

With their back against the wall, Liquid fought to hard in an incredble fight next to their Nexus. Impact on his Neeko changed the entire game with a perfect ultimate to destroy the hopes of the Chinese. This fight paved the way for Liquid dominating the game, all of the other fight and ended the game after 41 minutes of play.

Game 2

Seeing Neeko destroying their team in the first game, IG picked the Curious Chameleon for its own top lane for Game 2. The second encounter started off  just like the previous game with both teams playing aggressively. Ning made little to no mistakes this time around and got IG the much needed gold lead. Still it wasn’t enough as Liquid got some important kills to stop IG from getting further ahead.  Coming into the mid game, both teams were almost inseparable as they were well aware of their opponent’s strategy.

At later stages, Liquid tried to sneak a Baron kill. Yet it was a wrong move, since IG comprehensively won the fight next to the pit and got the Baron Buff. Yet just like last game, IG was unable to get through Liquid’s defence. Liquid waited for the next Baron and killed it off without any intervention from Liquid. They completely outplayed IG in the last fight tow lead the series 2-0.

Game 3

Invictus finally woke up in the third game of the series after Song “Rookie” Eui-jin got his hands on one of signature picks , LeBlanc. He showed why he was considered as one of the best players on the it. Since he got IG a decent lead in the early game. It was enough to completely deplete the  bot lane of Liquid and get the first win of the series for the world champions.

Game 4

The last match was incredibly one side, Since, Liquid re-evaluated its strategy by picking a Lux in the mid laner and Skarner in the jungle. This completely caught IG by surprise. Since they couldn’t dope with the nuking potential of the duo. All the could is watch their team completely beaten by the NA side and ending the run at the MSI 2019 with a 4th place finish.