Pulling out the best contender between G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1

Let’s have a comprehensive look into the semifinalists of MSI 2019 and see which team will come out top.

G2 eSports

G2 has performed quite superbly coming into in this. Apart from their 0-2 record against the bottom last team of the group stage, Phong Vũ Buffalo. The side has made a number of noticeable changes to its strategy and it worked for them. In the MSI they have played Camille in the jungle, BRaven in the bot lane, Vayne top and Neeko in the bot. They have also used the un triple Summoner: Teleport in the group stage. It enabled the team to make quick rotation and catch their opponents by surprise. The best feature of the team is the ability of each player to win the game. The side is one of the few ones in the competition that really don’t rely on individual brilliance. Yet they love to win game by exceptional teamwork.

They have the ability to win their game with whatever champion they can get their hands one. Yet we believe that in this semifinal game, G2 will not experiment with their draft. They might catch SKT by surprise but we believe that they will start with old school strategies.

SK Telecom T1

Meanwhile SKT will be coming into this game with much more confidence. Since, the Koreans ended the nine game win streak of the group leaders IG. Meanwhile the Koreans themselves only lost to G2 and IG in the first phase. We believe that the side will now be much better equipped to take on the samurai.

They lost in 16 minutes to IG. Meanwhile they managed to push out their games to 27 and 35 minutes against G2. Tae-min “Clid” Kim will be hoping to get his hand on Lee Sin. Since he picked it on 5 out of the 10 occasions and it has helped SK to perform well in every game. His teammates Teddy and Faker are in the top ranks with the most impressive KDA record in the first phase of the tournament.


These stats indicate that SK is the stronger team coming into this game. We believe that drafting phase will be a key factor in the triumph of the Koreans. They need to counter the infamous Sona/Taric strategy of G2 and get their hands on Lee Sin and Sylas.

Who’s going to win?

Seeing the result of the first game of the tournament, it is really hard to pick out a winner. G2 have a lot of gimmicks to surprise SK yet we believe that Koreans should counter them. Looking at both team, if Sk wants to win them they should control the early aggressive strategy of G2 and push the game to late stage. If they are successful in doing so then they can carve out a victory. But its will not be easy since G2 knows will how to turn the games in their favor. We think it will be a 3-2 victory for SKT.

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