MIBR qualifies for ECS finals

MIBR qualifies for ECS finals

MIBR beat Team Liquid 2-0 last night and won the finals of the fourth week of ECS Season 7. the team led by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo won 16-6 on Mirage and 16-11 on Vertigo. Although it is only a qualifying stage, this is the first victory of the team in a final since it recruited the All-Brazilian lineup. The confrontation marked another reunion between Epitacio “TACO” Melo and Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip against their former teams.

Game 1

The first map of the confrontation was Mirage and it was picked by the Brazilians. MIBR started on the TR side and continued to put pressure on Liquid from the first round. With good movements from João “felps” Vasconcellos and Fernando “fer” Alvarenga. The Brazilian team managed to enter the bombsite without much difficulty, and manage to get a comfortable 7-2 on the scoreboard. Team Liquid tried to win some rounds, but didn’t had much success. They finished the first half trailing 10-5 to Made in Brazil.

Playing as CTs, the MIBR continued to dominate.The Brazilian team managed to win six of the first seven rounds and ended up closing the first map of the series with the final score being 16-6. Fer was the star of the map, since he got 26 kills to just 12 deaths.

Game 2

Team Liquid chose to play on Vertigo in the second game of the series. This was the first time that MIBR played on the map since its implementation in the competitive landscape. The Made in Brazil team started on the TR side. The match kicked off with the Americans winning the first two rounds but MIBR didn’t back down. The two teams exchanged rounds, with the Brazilians getting some good plants and kills to prevent the defuse. MIBR came out with a slight advantage at end of the first half, with 8-7 lead on the scoreboard.

Team Liquid started the second round by winning the pistol round. However, with Marcelo “coldzera” David getting back to back kills on the Desert Eagle, Made in Brazil won the 2nd round and broke the American economy. This ensured that the team should win the other rounds. Liquid began to adopt a strategy of delaying the bomb plant. This was soon noticed by the Brazilians, who countered this tactic with great some great kills by FalleN, on the AWP. The map ended 16-11 for the Brazilian team. The won the series 2-0 and qualified for the final stage of ECS Season 7.

The Esports Championship Series (ECS) is a competition that takes place in North America and Europe. Its regular season started on March 11 and is expected to finish on May 24 with the fifth and last week. This win of MIBR in the online qualifiers ensures that the Brazilian team receives a prize of US $ 12 thousand. It also guarantees their participation in the LAN finals. The main event, will take place in London, England, and will distribute $ 500,000 in prizes.

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