Zonic answers the critics for missing out BLAST Pro Series

Zonic answers the critics for missing out BLAST Pro Series

Astralis coach Danny zonic Sorensen commented on the latest statements from fans that the team is paying too much attention to the BLAST Pro Series tournaments and refusing to participate in other CS: GO championships. In an interview, Sorensen said that Astralis has the same obligations to BLAST as other participants in the season.

According to Sorensen, the team does not set goals to perform at each BLAST Pro Series tournament, even if they need to miss another championship. Moreover, he is surprised that some think otherwise. As it turned out, the contract between Astralis and the organizers of the BLAST Pro Series is no different from those signed by the other participants of the season  – each of the seven teams must attend five championships per year. According to the BLAST representative, the agreements between the tournament operator and the teams are no different from those between the teams and the ECS or ESL Pro League.

Astralis also has another reason to refuse tournaments that require long flights. The AWPER of the team, Nikolay device Ridtts suffered from a hernia in November 2017, he took a break from the competitive landscape until he was fully recovered. According to Sorensen, the tournament planning system in conjunction with specialized treatment methods helped to improve Ridtts’s condition, now his health is under control.

Zonic also said that professional equipment and the reception of players greatly facilitate the life of eSports athletes. At the same time, Sorensen clarified that not only BLAST provides good computers and hospitality, but also other organizers know what is best for the players/.

Earlier, Astralis captain Lukas gla1ve Rossander told which tournaments the team will visit before the summer holiday. According to Rossander, the next competition will be the LAN finals of the ECS and ESL Pro League, and the last championship will be ESL One Cologne 2019. Thus, the team will miss cs_summit 4 , DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019.

Asger is now a free agent

Former CS: GO Heroic player Asger AcilioN Larsen announced that his contract with the organization has ended. He is now a free agent and is open to proposals from  other teams. Larsen made this announcement on Twitter a few hours ago. The Dane signed a contract with Heroic in July 2018, then he replaced Ruben RUBINO Villarroel. For eight months, the team participated in eight LAN-tournaments. They won the Games Clash Masters and TOYOTA Master Bangkok 2018.

After these victories, Heroic climbed to the 24th place in the HLTV.org rating. AcilioN left the first tema of Heroic in February 2019 after the GG.BET ICE Challenge, and was dropped to the substitute role. His spot in the taken was taken by the 16-year-old Martin stavn Lund from Fragsters. Meanwhile, the role of the in-game leader was assigned to Benjamin Blame Bremer. Since the beginning of March, AcilioN has not played a single official match. We would love to see he him in the top tier maybe C9 might pick him up since they have a habit of making changes to their roster.

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