The underdogs of MSI 2019

The underdogs of MSI 2019

Before the start of the playoff we will analyze the underdogs of the MSI 2019. Do they have what takes to compete against IG and SK? Let’s have a look.

G2 Esports and the Struggle for Consistency

In the early stages of the competition the French side, G2 was rated as the team that can go toe to toe with Invictus Gaming. Now reaching the playoffs we believe that the critics exaggerated since the samurai still needs to prove its mettle.

The current champions of the Spring Split 2019, play a lot like the Team Vitality back in 2018. We are saying that the side prefers to take control during the laning phase and love to assert their dominance. At the same time if they don’t manage to take objectives early on then they are not afraid to contest for farm and team up for early engagements. After their endeavours in the group stage, critics have labelled G2 as “Creative” and ”Reckless” at the same time.

These two word choices can either benefit the team in the upcoming playoffs or prove to be their demise. We believe that they are quite capable of competing against the best and have the potential to cause upsets.

The only doubt that remains is that: Can G2 remain consistent? Since the team has shown in the past days that they are capable of competing against teams like Invictus Gaming and SK Telecom T1. Yet at the same time they lost to the lowest ranked team in the group. So the side needs to get its act together before the weekend.

Team Liquid and the Challenge to Overturn Expectations

The NA side had to climb from the depth to make their way into the playoffs. They managed to secure the last spot after beating G2 on the last day. Owing to their lack of decent results, we believe that this is the end of the road for Liquid. Since at one point of the group stage a lot of people thought that the team would be eliminated early from the competition.

The side had a very difficult tournament. Since their bot lane failed to live up to the expectations. Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng are yet to prove their mettle in the competitive landscape. In the MSI 2019, they have not been so sharp in the bot lane. They given up unnecessary kills and have made plenty of misplays. Meanwhile the jungling duo, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen and Jake “Xmithie” Puchero lack consistency. Only Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong, is proving his worth for the NA side. We believe that he is the only reason why Liquid made this far into the competition.

Now they will have tough test against the 2018 world champions, Invictus Gaming. We believe that it will be a flatout 3-0 result for the Chinese side since Liquid have fair share of problems to take care of. So we really don’t believe in them getting a win against the strongest team of the competition. Lets see if Liquid has what it takes to prove us wrong.