Valve makes economy update in CS: GO

Valve makes economy update in CS: GO

Less than 12 hours ago Valve introduced a new update for CS: GO. This update includes some interesting changes to the economy of the game. The developer has also introduces new changes for the game’s battle royale mode, Danger Zone. The update also adds, a new button labelled as  “Looking to Play”. This feature will allow you to team up with other players who are also looking for having fun in party lobbies. You can also see the timing and date of the upcoming events in the newly added competitive schedule. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the changes.


Valve has introduced a cap of five to the round losing bonus. This means that the side will be able to accommodate a maximum loss bonus of $3,400 and when they win, they win now get  $2,900. Meaning that it would be difficult for the losing team to buy good weapons by just winning a single round.

We believe that this was a much needed change in the economic affairs of the game. Since previously if a team lost four or five round in a row then they good easily purchase big gun by winning a couple of rounds. This was not fair to the team that worked hard to win all those rounds. It will be exciting to see how this minor tick will impact the game in the upcoming tournaments.

Danger Zone

Valve wants to keep making exciting updates to its battle royale. Last year, the developer introduced an entire patch just for the Danger Zone, which included a new map, Sirocco and several new items. This time, we welcome the arrival of Drone Pilot. It can be purchased from the the tablet. The drone can be used to carry items across the map, scouting for resources and to keep an eye out for enemies. We also welcome some bug fixes to the taser. Since some tasers were not doing the necessary damage. Now the developer has ensured that every taser will work perfectly.


In the watch tab, now you can have all the information about the upcoming LAN tournaments. Before this change, players had to visit tons of site to see the schedules. Now you will know all the events that are on the HLTV website. This is the best site for CS: GO in terms of exclusive statistics and other things regarding the FPS title. It is good to see Valve seeking the best service for its players.

The last in-game change of the update is the introduction of the “Looking to Play” feature. It will bring all the players who are looking for lobbies on a single platform. This feature will not be limited to your friend list but will allow you to party up with people across the globe. Last week Valve introduce a similar feature to it Dota 2 title, that will allow players to party up.