The golden teams of LoL MSI 2019 playoffs

The golden teams of LoL MSI 2019 playoffs

After fourteen days of exciting actions, the group stage of the MSI 2019 has come to an end. We now know the four teams that will be competing for Supremacy in the playoffs of one of the most prestigious competitions. In the group stage we had the pleasure of witnessing some exciting duels. So far the competition had its fair share of upsets and some top level team proved their mettle. It is quite evident that all the teams come fully prepared for the MSI 2019. Let’s have a review of all the incredible action that took place in the competition and which of the four teams made it to the final cut.

Who is moving forward at MSI?

Invictus Gaming is proving itself to be a solid contender for MSI 2019. This is the same teams that lifted the Worlds title in 2018. The team had an great start to 2019 since they won their first ever league title, Spring Split 2019. It is surely a pleasure to see the side continue this form in Vietnam. In the first ten games of the phase, not even a single side was able to be the LPL champions.

Invictus Gaming’s dominance was observed when they beat the 3x world champions, SK Telecom T1 is 16 minutes. This win made IG the first team to record quickest win in the history of the tournament. Unfortunately the side ended with a 9-1 record. Yet this exceptional stats is the best record of the team at the MSI. Since previously their best run was a 8-2 record which included defeats against RNG and SKT.

IG with an incredible performance

The only defeat of the team came in second half of the group stage. It was inflicted by SK Telecom on the last day. IG did looked shaky in the second half, since before losing to SKT, they almost lost to G2 eSPorts. Yet in encounter they miraculously got a 4v5 Ace and won the game. Yet it was quite evident that G2 over extended and paid for it. Before G2 , FLash Wolves nearly got the better of the team. Since they overwhelmed IG by winning one fight after the other and dominated the game. Yet it was not enough since all IG needed was one fight to win.

Despite these unconvincing performances, IG is a force to reckoned with in the tournament. We believe that this team is very well capable of winning the title and it is highly likely that other teams will get even a single win against the Chinese.

After IG the second side to make it to the finals is SK Telecom. The Koreans just barely claimed the spot since the spent the entire phase sitting at 3rd place. On the last day, they beat the odds by winning against IG and Liquid. Meanwhile, the samurai dropped to 3rd by uncharacteristically losing to Phong Vũ Buffalo and Liquid. Nonetheless, G2 qualified to the next phase and Liquid also sneaked it way into the final four.