Patch 9.01 arrives in Fortnite

Patch 9.01 arrives in Fortnite

Epic Games has issued the patch notes for the Fortnite update 9.01. It features all changes that will arrive in the game in few hours. Players of Battle Royale will welcome  the tactical assault rifle a new weapon, which is particularly suitable for fighting in a small space. In addition, there are balancing changes and gameplay optimizations. In creative mode ruined Tilted towers are waiting for you, meanwhile, in Save the World, there are now fog capsules. In this article we will tell you everything that you need to know about the patch 9:01. You try the new content after the current downtime: The servers are probably offline for a few hours.

New Rifle

The servers are probably offline at the time of this writing. Yet, to keep the community entertained, the developers have published the patch notes with all changes. Players of Battle Royale receive a new weapon, the tactical assault rifle. The rifle is ideal for fighting in tight spaces, it comes in rare, epic and legendary variants. It is fully automatic, and holds a magazine of 30 rounds. It deals damage of 22/23/24, meanwhile the headshot multiplier is 1.75.

Some much needed nerfs

The Fortnite Update 9.01 also features balancing optimizations. So the damage of the Kugler was reduced from 200 to 150. The basic damage of the drum rifle has also been reduced from 26/27 to 22/23. The micro-machine gun enters the vault, so it means that the weapon is no longer available in the new season. There are also gameplay optimizations. Previously, players who fly in the wind tunnels were able to destroy buildings built by players. Yet, from now on, they will only collide with them and the building will not be destroyed. In addition, the wind tunnels will now be deactivated after the phase 5 of the storm.

Other modes updated

For the creative mode, the Fortnite Update 9.01 also offers something new. Epic has added ruined Tilted Towers, which includes shops, double apartments and a clock tower. The tactical assault rifle also finds its way into creative mode. Save the World players get a new War Game Simulation with the Mist Capsules. The goal is to find and destroy the capsules before the creation of minibuses. As a reward the player will get, event tickets and a new player banner. The developers also improved streaming levels on all platforms and optimized physics to increase the performance of the game in the guides. You can try out all of this exciting content, after today’s downtime.

The previous patch – 9.00 – was released on May 9th. It is fair to say that the update completely tilted the landscape of the game since we believe that it brought too many changes in a very short time. The pros and the streamers hate it but as usual, Epic is not paying any attention and continue to boss the game. Lets see how the 9.01 will be accepted by the community.

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