MiBR advances to the grand finals of ECS Season 7

MiBR advances to the grand finals of ECS Season 7

MIBR was victorious against eUnited as they beat them 2-0 last night. This win ensures that the Brazilians now advance to the finals of the fourth week of ECS Season 7. The two sides competed on Mirage, Nuke and Inferno with the scoreboard showing 16-6, 4-16 and 16-14 in favor of the side led by Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. Despite being just a qualifying stage, this is the first final of 2019 for the all-Brazilian roster.

With the last night victory, the MIBR returns to compete in the championship on Thursday, against the winner of the match between Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid. It is worth remembering that Made in Brazil will also face Argentine Isurus Gaming this week, in the ESL Pro League.

Game 1

The first map played was MIBR’s choice and it was Mirage. The Brazilians started from the CT side and, despite winning the round pistol, struggled early in the first half. Marcelo “coldzera” David got four kills in a single round and was decisive for the good performance of the team in the later stage of the half. MIBR went into the break with 10-5 lead on the board. FalleN made a good 1v2 clutch in the second half and continued to win his duels. His clinical performance sealed the 16-6 victory for his team.

Game 2

The second map of the best of three series was Nuke and it was picked by eUnited. John “felps” Vasconcellos secured the round pistol with a clutch 1v3, starting on the TR side. However, this initial advantage did not do much for the Brazilians, who were soon hit by a solid defence from the NA team. Heading into the half time, eUnited had a solid 12-3 lead. On the CT side, MIBR again won the pistol round and showed signs of a combing by winning some rounds back to back. Yet it was not enough since eUnited slowly but steadily got the 16 round win on the board. The series was now tied 1-1.

Game 3

The series was decided on Inferno. The Brazilians had an overwhelming start playing as CTs, since they jumped to a 9-1 lead on the scoreboard. eUnited managed to balance the match in the last rounds, yet the first half ended 10-5 in favor of Made in Brazil. In the second pistol round, Fallen eliminated all opponents and got an ace, yielding an economic advantage for the MIBR. Yet, eUnited managed a get a series of wins and tied the match 14-14, after an incredible 27th round ace from Anthony “vanity” Valaspina. However, with two good good as terrorists the Brazilian team closed the map in 16-14 and secured  qualification for the final.

The ECS Esports Championship Series, takes place in North America and Europe, its regular season started on March 11 and is expected to finish on May 24th with the fifth and last week. Each series is played online, brings together eight participating teams and distributes $ 25,000 in prizes.

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