Oro and Yermpy caught cheating in Solo World Cup qualifiers

Oro and Yermpy caught cheating in Solo World Cup qualifiers

It seems the the players still haven’t learned to not to cheat from the 14-day ban of Damion “XXiF” C. This verdict was made last week week and he was banned from further competing in the qualifiers of the World Cup. Apparently this punishment is still not enough to discourage cheating in the Battle Royale.

This case holds cheating accusations in the solo qualifiers of the competition, as two players decided to team up. The names of the guilty duo are Oro and Yermpy. They have been convicted by a popular Twitch streamer, Philldown, who caught them not shooting each other and both of them constantly targeted the streamer.

The evidence

The streamer has released two clips as evidence of teaming up. The first explicitly shows that Oro intentionally misses his shots on Yempy. Meanwhile in the second clip both players land next to each other but avoid shooting at the other one and team up on Philldown. After the incident, the streamer said that he felt like  he was playing the duos alone.

But these suspicious tactics didn’t work for both of them. Since not only they were caught cheating, but they were unable to qualify for the players. After Philldown made the clips public, other pro player on reddit agreed that the two players didn’t focus on each other and teamed up against other players. This acts can be attributed as collusion and is a direct violation of the rules of the competition.   

TEAMING in SOLO World Cup Qualifier Finals… from r/FortniteCompetitive

What will be the verdict

We believe that Oro and Yempy’s case is not at all like what happened in the XXiF case. Since he was initially reported in the third week. Then he was banned after proven guilty of the fact that his friends fed him kills in a handful of matches. These kills were enough to get him a spot in the World Cup final in the New York. But ultimately he lost his spot and the prize money after Epic announced that he had an unfair competitive advantage.

We are yet to hear a verdict on this teaming up situation. We believe that Epic will not bother to intervene in the issue since none of the guilty candidates qualified for the Finals. For the time being the community should look forward to the updates that will take place in a couple of days. Since in the patch Epic will take further restrictions actions against the cheaters.

We should remind you that Epic not only banned XXiF but also punished nearly 700 players who were caught in cheating act. So, if Epic decides to cut in on the action we are very likely to see Oro and Yermpy getting in this list.

Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup will be held until mid-June. LAN-finals will be held in July 26–28, its prize fund will be $ 30 million. We really hope that we see fair and exciting competition in the next few weeks.