MiBR makes it to the semifinals of ECS Season 7

MiBR makes it to the semifinals of ECS Season 7

MIBR won against Team Singularity 2-1 and advanced to the semifinals of the fourth week of ECS Season 7. Despite some moments of instability during the series, the Brazilian team exhibited they are the superior side and managed to defeat the Americans. With the victory, MIBR returns to compete in the semifinals of week four later today against eUnited.

Game 1

MiBR kicked off the series on Nuke with a very worrying start. The Brazilians started out as terrorists and  were unable to find their way in the opening half. As a result, Singularity completely dominated the first rounds, and their brutality was reflected on the scoreboard, with a   9-1 at the break. The relief for the MIBR fans came before the end of the first half, when MIBR managed to win four rounds in a row. As CTs, MIBR took control of the match, and made a strong comeback without any difficulty. The Brazilians closed the map with a 16-12 lead.

Game 2

The second map of the series was the Mirage. MIBR had a strong start by winning six consecutive rounds as TRs. Yet they eventually got sloppy and let Singularity take a few rounds. Despite this, MIBR closed the first half with a 10-5 lead, this meant that the sided only needed to win six round in the second to win the series. However, Singularity woke up and capitalized on the errors made by the MIBR side. The Brazilians were completey outplayed and were defeated by 16-14.

Game 3

The decisive map of the series was Overpass. This time MIBR was able to show the expected superiority against Singularity. In the first half, what happened was a total domination of the Brazilians, especially Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo annoying the opponents with his AWP and guaranteeing an excellent clutch. In the end, the MIBR closed the game 16-5 to win the series.

The ECS Esports Championship Series, which takes place in North America and Europe, had its regular season started on March 11 and is expected to finish on May 24th with the end of its fifth and final week. Each series is played online, the competition brings together eight top tier teams of the region and distributes $ 25,000 in prizes.

The winners of the first three weeks qualified directly for the final event, which takes place in London, England, and will have $ 500,000 in prize money. The already qualified teams are: FURIA Esports , NRG Esports and Complexity Gaming in the North American region.

Let’s see if MIBR has what it takes to beat eUnited, the team really needs good results. SInce they have their fair share of troubles in the past months. They were not expected to struggle against Singularity but they did at it shows the team really needs to work out its strengths. The Brazilians are yet to win a trophy in 2019, and if the drought continues then be prepared to see roster changes to the All-Brazilian lineup.