Fortnite Season 9 summarized notes

Fortnite Season 9 summarized notes

Fortnite received Season 9 this morning on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and, mobile platforms of Android and iPhone. This time around, Epic Games bet on a futuristic theme for the Battle Royale, bringing many changes to key map locations. They have also made several changes to the creative and Save the World. Check out the latest news from Season 9 of Fortnite.

The Future Is Here

Over the past three months, players have enjoyed a pirate theme in Fortnite. Now, the game has taken a big step forward. After the events that led to the destruction of the volcano that had appeared on the map, players will come across fully remodeled futuristic cities. Now, Tilted Towers have been replaced by Neo Tilted. Meanwhile, we also welcome new locations like Mega Mall and Retail Row. In addition, air tunnels known as Whirlwinds are now scattered around the map, making it easier for the player to move. They have also introduced a semi-automatic shotgun. Meanwhile, have retired some of the items from the game.

Battle Pass

The Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass brings interesting skins with futuristic design. The legendary clothing of the category 100, called “Revenge”, brings a boy with a stylish outfit that changes until he evolves into a demon. We think that the new emotes did not stand out so much in the new season. Remember that 950 V-Bucks are required to purchase the Battle Pass and you will get a chance to purchase exclusive items.

Epic Games also introduced collectibles called Fortbytes exclusively for those who own the Battle Pass. The Fortbytes are chips that can be picked up on the map. Whoever collects them all will receive rewards and discover the mysteries surrounding the history of the current season.

Creative Mode

Players will be able to build their own version of Neo Towers using pre-structured and fully futuristic sets in Creative Mode. Floating Platforms have been added, allowing the buildings to reach cloud level. Now you can manage creatures by personalizing health and damage scores.

Save the world

The big change to Save the World mode was the addition of the War Games. Players will have to revisit the bases to test their defenses against destructive and challenging simulations. Only a handful of simulations exist today, more will be added over the course of the season. Each requires the player to defend the base for a period of seven minutes. If the whole squadron dies, the War Game will be considered bankrupt.

Before the update, Fortnite players noticed that additional V-bucks appeared on their accounts, but some skins disappeared. The developers responded to the information and promised to look into it. We believe that the problem was fixed after the update. Yet if it persists on your account then you should report it immediately.

Let’s see, how the pros will respond to these changes. Since we believe that the addition of air tunnels and the shotgun will greatly change the dynamics of the game.

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