The battle of three top-laners – LoL MSI 2019

The battle of three top-laners – LoL MSI 2019

Let’s see which top laner is capable of carrying his team to the MSI title.


Theshy is now considered the best player in the top lane. He is very well capable of destroying his opponent with an unparalleled mastery of skills. Already popular before the 2018 Worlds, he only confirmed his talent throughout the event. With a 9/3/8 Irelia in the final of the Worlds and an 8/0/5 Jayce during the final of the playoffs of the LPL, he was able to exhibit his talent to carry IG and make a name for himself. He is a lot more capable than just ditching out raw damage. Theshy knows how to find the perfect openings in situations that seem quite difficult. He now sets foot in Vietnam as the best top laner of the competition and will have to defend his title against other top quality opponents.


Khan has more experience than Theshy and does not seem to be afraid to face him. He said that he admits that Threshy a good player, but he simply does not think that the Chinese is the best. Khan is quite confident and thinks he can dominate his lane and give a strong fight to the top laner of Invictus Gaming. After a great year at KingZone, he was chosen to reform a brand new roster around Faker. Known especially for his incredible Jayce with a win-rate above 90% at the 2017 Summer Split in LCK, Khan is a player with a lot of experience who participated last year in the final of the MSI against RNG. Khan now has his revenge on his mind and aims to win the trophy. He is quite capable of beating all the top laners. We believe that Khan is the perfect candidate to challenge Theshy.


Two incredible players will face Wunder, the last hope of the European continent. Often in the shadow of Caps, Wunder is not quite popular to make big talks about his skills. Yet, he always responds perfectly when it comes to winning his lane in the harshest condition. A Worlds semi-finalist last year, Wunder has already faced Theshy on the biggest stage. He managed to keep Theshy and his Akali in check but could not do anything against his Jayce. A quite disappointing performance from the G2’s former mid laner against Invictus Gaming. But now Wunder has the opportunity to take revenge with a much better team than last year. It’s time for Wunder to meet the expectations of fans and show that he has the ability to shine on the biggest moments.

This competition offers us a lot of surprises and this meta offers us the opportunity to have a carry on each lane. The top lane now has the opportunity to prove its strength and make a big impact in the Rift. These 3 players will surely play their hearts out to determine which of the 3 deserves the title of best top laner in the world.

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