Dive inside the world of TI9 Battle Pass

After much anticipation, the TI9 Battle pass has finally made its way to the main client. The developers have made the verdict that this year’s TI theme will be Overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins. The Battle Pass comes with exciting new features and we will give you a comprehensive overview:

The Basic outlook

First, the basic Outlook of the pass is quite synonymous to its previous versions. We approve it and the community also thinks the same.

Jungle Expedition

The Jungle Expedition is a significant improvement to the last year’s Cavern Crawl. The expedition comes with a new theme. You play it by simply exploring a maze with different heroes. If you get through the end then you could get a set of any of the three heroes: Sven, Ursa, and Dazzle.

Earthshaker Arcana: Planetfall

Each year, the community get to vote for just a single hero for the Arcana. Just one Arcana each year is just not enough for the community and Valve seems to think the same way. Since, this year along with the traditional Arcana vote, the ones with 365 level on the Battle Pass will get Earthshaker arcana. This arcana doesn’t follow the lore where the Earthshaker represents an entire planet. Who knows we might get another Arcana as we get closer to the TI9.

News sets for Tiny and Axe

Apart from the Arcana, Lion, Kunkka and Legion Commander get new sets and items. Meanwhile, Tiny gets a very prestigious get set at level 255 of the Battle Pass. The owners of the level 425 Battle Pass get an Axe set. It is an immortal where Axe is not holding his Axe or another weapon. Instead, he is just attacking everything with his bare hand! On a personal level, this is even better than the Arcana for the lovers of Axe. Since you get to execute your ultimate with bare punches.

Avoid Player

Apart from the new game mode and items, this year’s Battle Pass comes with an exciting new feature. It will allow you to avoid playing with players who previously reported in your games. The community wanted something like this for quite some time and it is great to see Valve acceding to the request of the players. You can also use this feature to team up with the players who previously commended in your games.


You can also train lower ranked players with the Coaching feature. The feature was present in Dota2 for quite some time yet, it wasn’t used by the players that frequently. Now with rewards and leaderboards, you can expect a great variety of players taking on the role of the in-game coach in the next few weeks.

Party Finder

The last prominent feature of the TI9 pass is the Party Finder. It will allow you to look for players who are also looking to party up. Now you don’t need to go on social media or public chat to look for a party. All you have to do is turn it on and party up with the community.

Betting at TI9

The event will be held in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. But if you don’t want to fly over to China, you will have to find out where you can display The International 2019.

So we will tell you where to go for the famous DOTA 2 competition and recommend who to bet on and which places for esports betting sites have the best TI9 odds.

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