Team Liquid are the PEL Kick-off Cup champions

Team Liquid are the PEL Kick-off Cup champions

PUBG Europe League – Kick-off Cup ended on the 6th May. The competition hosted 32 teams which competed for $ 125 thousand. Let’s have a comprehensive look at how Liquid reigned supreme in the competition.

No one can stop Liquid

The European team just can’t cease to display exceptional performances. Liquid previously ranked second in the first phase of the PUBG Europe League and then finished third at the FACEIT Global Summit, the first major of the season. In the competition, the EU side finished just 15 points behind the leader. At the Championship, Liquid performed better than other rosters from Europe and confirmed its status as one of the strongest teams in the region.

To search for equipment, Liquid chose the central points on the maps and did not change them until the end of the tournament. On Erangel, the team fell in Pochinki, and on Miramar – in Picado. Liquid landed in some of the best points, and other teams did not even try to take on Liquid. Three players of the EU side were on top of the leaderboards of the tournament in getting the most kills. They also had the lowest stats in terms of getting eliminated in the early stages.

Impressive tactics on display

Liquid showed not only a high level of shooting but also good tactical decisions. For example, in the last match of the main stage at Erangel, the circle ended up at the military base “Sosnovka”. Liquid quickly made its way to the area, which allowed the side to safely enter the circle and take a good position. These tactics were a success since they got the victory.

The playoff of the PEL Kick-off started for Liquid even better than the group stage. On the first day, the team won three out of four matches, and in the last took third place. After a successful start, the European team continued to show a stable game and became a champion, leaving no chance for opponents. Liquid had 70 points more than the team that finished at second place in the competition.

PEL Kick-off is part of the PUBG e-sports system, but its results did not affect the PEL and PEL-C participants. It turned out a good show tournament with a prize fund of $ 150 thousand, where new teams could play, and the rest of the teams trained in LAN conditions.

Liquid is the favorite in the second phase of PEL

The side led by Samu “Sambty” Kauppinen has displayed a very dominating playing style. We do not see any opponent that can stop the European side. ENCE eSports, which was the winner of the first phase of the league had its fair share of struggles in the competition. They finished the tournament in 11th place scoring 51 points and getting 41 kills in the process. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams have not presented major problems for Liquid.

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