Fallen wins Gold Play Button

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, MIBR athlete, became the first Counter-Strike player: Global Offensive (CS: GO) to reach the one million mark on YouTube. The news was given by the player last night on Twitter where he posted the photo of the play button. The MIBR captain created his channel in 2011 and began to produce content from Counter-Strike: 1.6, with best moments and vlogs of the tournaments. The first CS: GO video came in 2014, although at the time the Brazilian did not like the game so much.

The channel began to grow in 2015 when FalleN decided to give CS: GO tips, how to play the game, give his insights on useful strategies and how to improve the player’s mechanics. The athlete also publishes sporadic vlogs behind the scenes of the tournaments. Its content is made in both English and Portuguese, with subtitles in both languages.

His most well-known series is From Silver to Global. It started after Fallen won the Columbus Major and ESL One: Cologne in 2016. The series is still in production, and in it, the athlete plays competitive mode to reign supreme in the CS: GO ranking. He also gives tips on good positions on the map, and how to support teammates.

Another equally popular series is True or Cheat. In it, FalleN analyzes potential cases of cheating in CS: GO. In the framework FalleN Analyzes, the Brazilian makes an analysis of games. FalleN recently started a news board, where he talks about news about the competitive universe of CS: GO. With the feat, FalleN becomes not only the first pro player of CS: GO with one million subscribers, but the only one to reach the mark.

EU and NA closed qualifiers revealed

The organizers of ESL One Cologne 2019 issued invites to HellRaisers, North and Team Vitality for the European closed qualifiers. The qualifiers will hold from 9 to 11 May online. Eight teams will compete for two slots in the LAN final of the tournament.

In addition to the invited teams, the winners of the open qualifications – Heroic, Chaos, AVANGAR and OpTic Gaming – will take part in the closed stage. The line-up of ALTERNATE aTTaX got a slot as a champion of the German League Meisterschaft Spring 2019. Teams will be placed in double-elimination bracket where all the matches will be played in the best of two format.

Meanwhile, Complexity Gaming, Team Envy, Ghost Gaming, and Lazarus Esport will be competing is the NA closed qualifiers of ESL One Cologne 2019. In the qualifiers for Asia, the organizers invited TyLoo, BOOT-dream [S] cape, Vici Gaming, and MVP PK. Just like Europe, qualifiers for North America and Asia will take place from 9 to 11 May. Eight teams will perform in them.

The LAN-finals of the ESL One Cologne 2019 will take place from July 2 to July 7 in Germany. 16 teams will compete for $ 300 thousand.

IIA IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As : Certification in Control Self-Assessment

The good man is more, IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As as long IIA IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As as your heart is full of IIA IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As hope, everything will be fine, okay Shen Yu did not give the woman a chance to speak. It Certified Government Auditing Professional IIA-CCSA IIA IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As was not far from the iron gate. Not done. Now is not a treatment stage, Kelly reminded. Don Certification in Control Self-Assessment t say anything, IIA-CCSA Exam Q&As don t say anything.

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