Popular support picks of MDL Disneyland Major

Popular support picks of MDL Disneyland Major

Let’s have look at the popular support picks that has become exceptionally popular in the past few weeks. These picks can also help you to boost your MMR. Yet we advise to do it fast since these heroes are bound to be nerfed in the next patch.

(i) Nyx Assassin

Nyx had a very poor pick rate last year but currently is amongst the most feared heroes of the game. In the 44 games played so far, he was banned in 35. Meanwhile, the hero won 6 of the 7 games in which he was picked. This is not a coincidence since he had a 61% win rate in the OGA Minor. His rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that he is an incredible counter against Batrider and Leshrac. Nyx can easily counter the duo since they deal impressive damage and have no way to control it. So the Vendetta ability of the Assassin comes quite handy to not only deal decent damage but also stuns for 4 seconds. You can say that Nyx has a built-in Silver Edge that can counter anyone, anytime with ease.

(ii) Oracle

Oracle is amongst the handful of heroes who have been popular since the kick of the 2018-2019 DPC. In the past weeks, the hero was heavily nerfed in the patch 7.21, yet Oracle still holds incredible popularity. He always comes in handy to disarm the enemy heroes and provide magic immunity to the allies. Lastly, his ultimate comes incredibly handy to keep teammates alive after taking incredible damage. His root is quite handy to harass enemies in the laning phase. Honestly, we believe that Valve cannot nerf Oracle until he gets a rework of some kind.

Apart from Nyx and Oracle other heroes have also become popular in the role of supports. Furion and Enigma hold an 81% win rate on position 4 and 5. If we don’t see Nyx picked then Batrider is incredible support as he has won 8 out of the 10 games picked. Meanwhile, after plenty of Buffs in the recent Abaddon is finally back in the mix since he was picked on 12 occasions and won 8 matches.

We are well aware that some heroes are certainly popular than the others. Yet, some of the pros say that heroes are just picked according to the playing styles of the teams, and no particular hero runs the meta. But we believe that the incredible pick rate of some of the heroes says otherwise. If pros are correct then we might see new popular picks in the playoffs of the competition.

MDL Paris Major takes places in Disneyland Paris from May 4 to 12. The prize fund of the championship is a million dollars and 15 thousand points DPC. It’s going to be a week of some good Dota 2 which will probably be followed by a new patch.

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