Apex Legends in a dire need of official tournaments

Apex Legends in a dire need of official tournaments

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Apex Legends was launched on February 4th and immediately became the leader of Twitch in terms of the number of viewers. Already eight hours after the release, developers reported about a million registered users, and a month later – about 50 million players.

Owing to its success, NRG eSports, Team SoloMid and 100 Thieves were the first e-sports clubs that noticed the new “royal battle”. Later, organizations Fnatic, Team Secret, Alliance, Team Liquid, M19, and Natus Vincere began to look for players in Apex Legends.

All these teams started investing without a single announcement of the tournament system from the developers. It seems like Respawn Entertainment did not expect such a successful launch of the Titanfall spin-off. Since it still has its fair share of gameplay problems and the stability of the client. Three months have passed since the release of the “royal battle”.

How do Apex Legends Tournaments Work? Here is How You can Join One! from r/apexlegends

During this time only Twitch held an offline tournament and offered more than $ 100,000 in prize money. At the same time, the competition was primarily focused on streamers – all participants in the qualifiers were obliged to broadcast. In addition, the organizers have reduced the usual in the “royal battles” format by 8-16 maps to three matches.

Prior to that, Twitch had already held Apex Legends tournaments, but their prize funds did not exceed $ 75,000, and the format was far from real eSports competitions in the battle royale. These tournaments were more like a show than a full-fledged competition.

Tournaments needed

The first Apex tournament took place on February 7th. The organizers were various steamers on the Twitch platform such as Guy DrDisRespect Beym. At first, even Tyler Ninja Blevins, Mike shroud Grzeszik and Djarid summit1g Lazar participated in such championships – for them the opportunity to compete in a new game, and not for prize money. Over time, the popularity of Apex Legends declined, and the number of events decreased with it.

Competitive circuits in PUBG and Fortnite have existed for over a year, so clubs are not afraid to support the line-ups in these disciplines – there is no shortage of tournaments and prize money. At the same time, it is still too early to write off Apex Legends: PUBG Corp. and Epic Games also did not invest in eSports the very next day after the release.

The lack of competitive or mods will slowly kill Apex. from r/apexlegends

Despite the lack of news and a gradual decline in popularity, Apex Legends has not yet lost the chance to emerge victorious in a cyber battle with competitors. Fortnite players are increasingly complaining about Epic Games decisions and are threatening to leave the discipline. PUBG has already lost most of the viewers on Twitch and seems to have begun to give way to the mobile version.

There is no better moment for Respawn Entertainment to announce its competitive system. Whatever it is, most likely, organizations will start to enter the discipline more boldly. In addition, Apex Legends with its dynamic gameplay can be the first spectacular “royal battle.” It remains only to wait for news from the developers.

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