770 thousand cheaters banned in Apex Legends!

770 thousand cheaters banned in Apex Legends!

Respawn recently reported on the fight against cheaters in Apex Legends. The developers of the “royal battle” in the Titanfall universe revealed that since the release of the title in February 2019, they have successfully blocked more than 770 thousand illegal accounts.

According to executive producer Respawn Drew McCoy, the new reporting system has greatly simplified the work of the studio staff. They have managed to increase the number and effectiveness of bans. The system also helped Respawn to discover new cheats, which were never previously caught by the developer. Some of these cheats are now automatically detected using Easy Anti-Cheat.

Summary from the Respawn report

  • Since the release of the game, more than 770 thousand scam accounts have been blocked.
  • More than 330 thousand cheaters tried to create second accounts after getting block, but ended up receiving a “ ban on their hardware ”.
  • Over the past 20 days, Respawn has banned about 4 thousand spammer accounts that advertised and distributed cheats in the game.

Despite these results, the problem of cheaters still remains a priority for Apex Legends developers. In the future, they plan to establish closer cooperation with experts from Electronic Arts, DICE, Capital Games and other studios in order to become more successful in the fight against cheaters.

According to McCoy, another Respawn group continues to work on fixing bugs – next week an update should be released in Apex Legends that fixes errors with the lack of sound steps. Speaking of new updates, a data miner found unfinished animations for Mirage in Apex Legends files that resemble Tim Burton’s Batman. When a character finishes an enemy that has fallen to the ground, he completely repeats the movements of the Joker from the 1989 film. Data miner believes that the animation is almost ready and may appear in the next updates. The developers of Respawn did not comment on his findings.

A Wild Bug Appears

An Apex Legends fan found a new bug, because of which the participants of the match can “get stuck” to each other after jumping out of the deploy ship. On May 2, a user of SimpleBeings posted a fragment of the game on Reddit, at the beginning of which three teams “stuck together” at once because of the bug.

Immediately after disembarking, the players could not control the flight path, and they managed to disengage only after ten seconds. The reason behind the bug is still unknown. In the comments on Reddit, it was assumed that all three detachments simultaneously jumped out of the shuttle, when the drop-off timer showed 0 seconds.

A load of squads got stuck in the sky at spawn from r/apexlegends

This is not the most unpleasant bug found in Apex Legends since the game was released in February 2019. Nevertheless, a delay of 10 seconds can be critical if several units land at the same point. Opponents will have a significant advantage – they will have more time to find weapons and start the battle. We really hope that the developer fixes it in the next week update.