Rocket League becomes part of the Epic Store

Studio Psyonix, which supports and publishes the Rocket League, has become part of Epic Games. This was announced on the RL website. Psyonix representatives noted that in the short term nothing will change for fans of the Rocket League. In the long run, they plan to add a game to the Epic Games Store. According to Variety, Epic Games has no plans to close the version for Steam.

Backlash From Fans

Fans of the Rocket League met were heartbroken after the news about the purchase of Psyonix by Epic Games. The game owners began to massively downgrade the scores of the arcade and wrote angry reviews on Steam. Psyonix said it will continue to support the game, as it did before. According to the studio representatives, cooperation with Epic Games will attract a new audience to the game, and also help make the Rocket League even better. Earlier there were rumors that the sale of the game on Steam will be discontinued, but the developers have denied this information. Despite the latest controversy of the workers of Epic Games, Psyonix has confirmed that they remain the same team as before the agreement.

Rocket League is an arcade game for PS4, Xbox One and PC, in which users play football on machines. Competitions of the title are arranged by both developers and third-party operators – for example, DreamHack. In the sixth season, the Rocket League Championship Series distributed a million dollars in prizes.

Free Game on Epic Games Store!

Speaking of the Epic Games Store, a day ago, it has announced to distribute another PC game for free. Members will now have access to World of Goo. The puzzle game is available until 16 May as a free download via the Epic Store. World of Goo is based on a simple basic idea with a fantastic design and great playability. The game consist of a variety of levels and clever physics-based puzzles await you.

Previously, there was the action RPG transistor through the Epic Games Store for free. At the launch of the store, the publisher announced that it would distribute a free game every two weeks until the end of 2019. To get World of Goo permanently, you should put the puzzle adventure in your Epic Store account by the mentioned date. Then you can play it as long as you want.

That the download is definitely worthwhile, you read in our test to World of Goo. In addition, World of Goo offers simple operation and an elaborate 2D design. The goal in each level: to reach a pipe that previously sucks balls of balls together into the air. You can expect more than 40 tricky levels.

World of Goo follows Transistor at Epic Games Store: The action role-playing game has been distributed free of charge over the store over the past two weeks. In the upcoming days, we should expect some rocket league content on the platform.

Rocket League Betting

Thankfully, a few Rocket League betting sites are willing to take the opportunity. Betway esports is the best example. Not only is it a well-established sports betting company with a long history, but it is also a perfect base for novice bettors because of its €/$/£30 risk-free bet welcome bonus.


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