Overwatch All-Star event details revealed

The All-Star festivities of the Overwatch League will kick off on the 15th of May. The event is a set to the take place in California at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank. We can expect an exciting All-Star weekend since some of the best players will be competing. The organizer, Blizzard announced the different modes of the event. Let’s have a comprehensive look into what we are dealing with.

Sibling Rivalry: It will take place on Hanmura and will be played in a 6 v 6 format, each team will include three Hanzos and Three Genjis.

Healers Never Die: It is another 6 v 6 mode. it will take place on Nepal with a one hero limit on Support Class.

Terrible, Terrible Damage: Just like the previous model, it will take place on Hollywood with a one hero limit on Damage only heroes.

Keeping the Peace: In this 6 v 6 mode, the pros will only play McCree on Route 66.

Thanks, but No Tanks: Six-vs-six. No tanks with a one hero limit on Blizzard World.

The All-Star event will also feature the return of the Talent Takedown. Yet the rules will be different this time since the talent will play alongside the all-stars. The talent will be paired by the all-stars and coaches will pick which talent will play with which pro.

The golden rule is that each team will include at least three talents. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the format of the Talent Takedown:

A set will last for three maps and the mode will take place in a 6v6 format. It will include control, escort and lockout elimination.

The mode will not include any kill came since it will be played on 6v6 competitive settings.

The first map will be pre-decided, while the 2nd one will be selected by the loser of the first one. The team can pick the map from the game type.

The All-Star weekend will also host one of the most anticipated competitions, the Widowmaker one-vs-one tournament. The top for players in each division will compete for Supremacy. The rules of this mode are quite simple, the first player to get nine headshot kills wins! Lastly, the enemies will be made visible after 60 seconds, and the assault rifles are banned.

The main event of the festival will be the 8v8 All-Star match between the Pacific and Atlantic division. It will be played in the best of four series with general competition rules.

Lastly, Overwatch World Championships will again take place at BlizzCon in Anaheim. Both events will begin on November 1st. The company announced that the future championship will take place in an updated format.

The organizers will group teams based on their past results in the tournament: from 1 point for reaching the 1/16 finals to 10 for the victory. The five best teams based on the ranking will receive invites to the tournament. The rest will be distributed in the single-elimination grid, where the last five participants of the main stage will be determined.

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