Boston Red Sox bans Fortnite

Boston Red Sox bans Fortnite

One of the major franchises of the baseball league has officially called it quits on Fortnite. The Boston Red Sox team won its ninth World Series title in October 2018. However, since that achievement, the baseball side has declined in form.

We can assure you that the fans and the players cannot put the blame on Fortnite for the terrible results. Since they have decided to ban the title from its official clubhouse. One of the players, Nathan Eovaldi spoke about the controversy. He said that it was not a decision from the management, but the whole team agreed to quit the game. This verdict comes as a surprise to us since the club won the world series 2018, even after investing decent time on the Epic Games title last year.

Eovaldi says that everything should be done at its own time. He and the organization thinks that the team might just improve if they stop playing Fortnite. Since it just seems wrong that the players are playing the game during training hours after losing a match.

Baseball vs Fortnite

This is not the first time that the Epic Games title has been controversial in the world of Baseball. Since one of the teams of the competitive league, Toronto Blue Jays announced to limit the playing hours. This decision was made after players spent too much time playing the games instead of training in the offseason.

Some of the players have also taken extreme measures against the Fortnite craze. Carlos Santana reportedly wrecked a television after he found that some players were using it to play Fortnite in the midnight. After the statement, he said that he is not wrong to take these actions because it was disappointing to see that the players wanted to play Fortnite when the team was losing one game after the other.

We believe that this ban might just work in favor of the teams. But don’t expect an incredible winning streak from the team since destroying a clubhouse TV doesn’t work well for the chemistry of the team.

Last Chance To Merge Your Accounts!

Lastly, we should tell you that after May 6, you will not be able to merge your accounts from two separate platforms on Fortnite. So you should quickly merge your accounts before this date to avoid any inconveniences.

The feature to merge your accounts, allowed players to gain cosmetics and V-Bucks on the new hybrid account. It was implemented by Epic to encourage cross-play functionality. Since a lot of players had to go multiple verification barriers to play the game if they had two accounts. This feature reduced the frustration of the team.

We should tell you that this merging feature is only available to the players who have an Xbox One account, and Switch or PS4 account. The mobile and PC players are not welcomed since they enjoyed this feature before the compatibility of PS4. So if you are a console user and want most out of the merging feature, we recommend you to submit your request as soon as possible.

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