Apex Legends players continue to face annoying bugs

Apex Legends players continue to face annoying bugs

A very interesting bug has recently popped up in Apex Legends. It allows players to jump around while in the downed state, meaning it is nearly impossible to kill them off. This is a very controversial bug since it not only makes it hard to kill the player. The downed man can feed information to his teammates across the map to come and rescue him.

This bug came into the spotlight after a video was posted by a player on the subreddit of Apex Legends. In the video, he was jumping all over the game when he was downed. This gave his team the window to come and rescue him. He simply jumped to the back of the truck and his team revived him

It takes no rocket science to recreate this bug. All you have to do is hold jump and sprint key at the same time to fly in the King’s Canyon.

Game breaking Peacekeeper bug from r/apexlegends

This bug is a huge deal since it can tremendously help you to escape the clutches of death. In the meantime, you can give valuable information to your team. Since before this bug, the player was pretty much helpless and could do nothing but crawl slowly. It is not the first time that such game-changing bug has arrived in the battle royale.

Earlier in April, Reddit users pointed to a bug with the ping system in Apex Legends. If the player constantly marks the leader of the other team during the landing, the teammates of this opponent will gradually fall behind and land later. Many players noticed this problem in matches but considered it the result of high delays or problems with servers. The developers did not comment on the situation. A few hours ago Mike shroud Grzeszik discovered a new bug in Apex Legends related to Octane’s jump pad: the player placed it on an open box and landed on the roof of the bunker. The developers did not comment on the appearance of the glitch in the game.

For those who didn’t know you can punch the upper lid of a supply bin to charge it with knock back power from r/apexlegends

New Modes Arriving Soon

Community manager Apex Legends has confirmed that new modes are being developed for the game. He told about this during the session of questions and answers to reddit.

Previously, data miners found clues in the Apex Legends files for single and duo modes of the “royal battle”. Respawn Entertainment did not comment on the findings of the players.

On April 26, the company announced that it had postponed the development of a new game from the Titanfall series for the sake of updates for the “royal battle”. They explained that they are working on solving problems with sound, low server performance, anti-cheat, and hitboxes.

Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by EA Games in February 2019. The game has first-person gameplay and unique heroes with different abilities. Unlike the other titles, Apex can only be played in a three-person squad. The team must have a balanced formation to increase the chances of victory.