The underdogs of IEM Sydney 2019

IEM Sydney is a very prestigious competition in the world of CS: GO. The teams from all over the world compete for Supremacy. Let’s have a look at a couple of teams that might not be a strong contender but have the potential to win it all.


One of the underdogs of the IEM Sydney is MIBR. The team had its fair share of troubles in recent months yet we cannot role them out of the title race. The team on paper is one of the strongest teams in the world with coldzera, TACO, fer, and the in-game leader MIBR. The team has shown decent performance in the BPS Miami, where they even beat Astralis.

A few weeks ago the team had a disappointing performance at the ESL Pro League S9. They were close to getting eliminated owing to their 2-0 defeat to the Brazilian counterparts, Luminosity Gaming. Now they will have to take the long route to the finals by first competing in the round 2 of the group stage. They will have to fight against some of the best tier two teams in the competitive landscape including Cloud9, Complexity, Ghost, eUnited, and Renegades. It will surely be a tough task for the Brazilians to get to the finals.

Betway esports sad in a tweet, “The first batch of matchups for IEM Sydney 2019 have been announced!  Some very tasty games in there… Who’s excited!?”

Before Round 2, they will have to prove their mettle at IEM Sydney 2019. We believe that MIBR has the capability to finish strong in the playoffs. They might as well reach the finale if they get some “underperforming” teams on their way. They need to start the string in the group stage. We know we are optimistic, but this is the same side that beat Astralis a few weeks ago. So you just can’t roll out fer and company out of the title equation.


The Aussie side is in exceptional form since they are currently in the top 7 of the world ranking. They performed well back in February at IEM Katowice finishing at the 5th-8th place. Now they will be looking to reign supreme on their home soil. After a strong campaign in Poland, they managed a 3rd-4th place finish at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7. Lastly, before all this, they secured qualification to Poland after winning the Asia Minor Championship – Katowice 2019. So you just can’t take this team for granted.

The Australians hold a very distinctive map pool. At times, their execution of tactics is absolutely flawless. Coupled this with strong team chemistry, sometimes Renegades look like a force to reckoned with. The team has continued to rise in ranks after the recruitment of their coach, Kassad. They arrive in Sydney as a possible title contender.

In the past few months, they have shown great performances. Yet they haven’t played many games against the big guns. So we hope that they will make the most of this opportunity in their home country. We are counting on Renegades to be a strong semifinalist, yet they could very very win the trophy. So we will have to wait a few days to see where this team will finish.

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