Respawn yet again delays Titanfall series

Respawn yet again delays Titanfall series

The developers of Apex Legends told users that they had postponed the development of a new game of the Titanfall series for the sake of updates for the “royal battle”. They also shared details about future patches that will be released in the coming weeks.

Respawn Entertainment is working to solve problems with sound, low server performance, anti-cheat, and a problem with hitboxes. Representatives of the studio said that until the end of the first season they will not add new heroes and weapons to the game. They will direct all their efforts to removes these bugs from the game.

Details about the second season of Apex Legends will be revealed at EA Play. The event will take place from June 7 to 9. In mid-April, users began to criticize Respawn Entertainment for the fact that the studio stopped talking about current work on Apex Legends. Previously, company representatives published full-fledged reports, but in early April limited themselves to individual comments on reddit.

New Matchmaking System Needed?

Speaking of Reddit, we believe that Respawn really needs a new matchmaking system to save its game. Currently, in Apex Legends, there is only one mode, the “royal battle”. Some users are waiting for Respawn Entertainment to add a ranked system to the shooter. What should it be? A Reddit user has offered an interesting concept to developers.

The idea of ​​the user is to adopt the system from Dota 2 but to change it a little. In his opinion, Respawn should create two ranked format – single and team. In each, the player will earn MMR, which will determine their rank. Before matches, participants will be shown the average MMR of all the teams they are up against.

Ranking system in Apex Legends from r/apexlegends

The basic idea of ​​the user is the MMR ladder system. He believes that points should be deducted from players profile if they lose an encounter to a superior-ranked squad. He has comprehensively explained the matchmaking which Respawn should really need to implement. The Reddit user believes that the ranking mode will keep the game popular. However, he noted that developers should first understand the servers and bugs of Apex Legends.

Respawn Needs to pick up the pace

Before considering another matchmaking system or a new Titanfall series, Epic will first fix the game. The developer has revealed that it doesn’t want to stress employees, so they will tackle each problem one by one. We like this approach from Apex but at the same time, we want them to pick up the pace. Since it is been a while since we got some exciting content.

Respawn is going really slow and could lose the race to PUBG and Fortnite. Since PUBG made over 9000 revenue in 2018, while Fortnite launched a new crossover with Marvel’s Avengers. Meanwhile, Respawn is struggling to fix the bug problems that were reported a month ago. They really need to improve in their debugging and report some good news to the fans.

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