New League of Legends champion leaked

Last night, social networks caught fire with the new images of a wizard kitten named Yuumi, who will become the new champion in League of Legends. It is assumed that Yummi will specialize in the role of support mage.

According to rumors, the first information about Yuumi leaked through private Discord channels. These channels are owned by content authors who work closely with Riot Games. It seems that platforms accidentally shared the video guide about the new champion. A description of some of the hero’s abilities also appeared there.

With the help of the second skill [w], the champion will be able to “jump” on teammates, after which Yuumi cannot be targeted by the enemies. In this form, Yummi will be able to use its auto-attack and other skills which can heal its allies. Meanwhile, with its ultimate skill, Yuumi will send seven AOE waves that deal magic damage to its enemies. If three waves hit the opponent then he/she will be stunned for a few seconds.

Riot Games did not comment on the data leak about the hero. One of the authors of the content managed to record a review of the abilities of Yuumi but quickly deleted the video.

Yuumi a new race in Runeterra?

In the context of the lore, Yuumi is a being that we have never seen in Runeterra, and it seems controlled (or invoked) by an old book with runes? We are assuming it since Riot first teased the champion with the book of runes. Be that as it may, it seems to be intimately connected to magic.

Maybe this champion will open the doors to a new race. Or perhaps, simply, it is a vastaya but more kawaii. Although, it might very well be a part of the universe of yordles? We will let the imagination run in this one until we get something for Riot!

Lux Comics

One thing that was not leaked is Riot Games is the announcement of a new series of comics dedicated to Lux. The developers of League of Legends did not disclose the name of the story and did not say whether it would be available in print.

The action of the comic will unfold in Demacia – Lux’s native kingdom. The creators of the story did not tell about the plot, yet acknowledged that one of the heroes of the comics will be Sylas. Riot Games will publish five editions of the comic book – the first will be presented on May 8.

Riot Games and Marvel Comics agreed to cooperate in November 2018. Together, the studio released a graphic novel “Ash, Mother of War.” League of Legends developers did not indicate whether Marvel was involved in the creation of Lux comics. Marvel seems to be investing in eSports. They recently collaborated with Fortnite for a crossover of the Endgame Movie.

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