Blizzard announces its own Creative Mode

Blizzard announces its own Creative Mode

Blizzard has added a workshop to Overwatch. It is a script editor that allows users to create new game modes and share them with friends. The workshop is already available on the test server, and in the future, all players on the PC and consoles will get access to it.

The workshop will not allow you to edit the landscape of a map or the items. Yet, you can create your own characters and specify special match parameters in it. As an example, the developers have created the modes “Paul – this is lava” and “Mirror fight.” In the first mode, players receive damage when they touch the ground. While, in the second mode, all users play with the same characters, which change after every minute.

Developers have also added a special debugging program to work in the Workshop. The program will tell the developers if there are errors in the mode. According to Blizzard Entertainment Vice President Jeff Kaplan, users will need basic programming and game design skills to work at the Workshop. To understand the fundamentals of the Workshop, Blizzard has also introduced template game modes.

New Exciting Modes Released

In just a few hours after the release of the Workshop, some players have published some exciting modes. One of the modes that we liked follows the footsteps of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

The coding script of the mode is currently available on the subreddit of Overwatch. It is quite synonymous to the Arms race mode of Counter-Strike and Call of Dutyโ€™s Gun Game mode. In these modes, the players are pinned against each other on a single map. Each player starts with a similar weapon but the weapons change every time a player gets a kill. The winner of the mode in the one who gets the kill with the last weapon of the game, knife.

In Overwatch version of the mode, after getting a kill you wonโ€™t get another weapon but will spawn as the next hero. The winner of this mode is the player who gets kills on every single hero. The first hero that you will start on is Mercy. You can change it from the coding script and choose the order of the heroes.

Another user posted a template of a fog mode. Where a layer of fog covers the entire map, this template was enough to get the community rolling. Since, one Redditor created a zombie mode, where you and your friends will have to fight against zombies in low visibility. We are sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as so many players are going crazy with these modes.

It is good to see Overwatch jumping in the trend after the Arcade mode of Dota 2 and the Creative Mode of Fortnite. It will be interesting to see who will come out on top the in the battle of in-game modes. We believe that it is a wise move by Blizzard to introduces some fresh new content. Meanwhile, Apex Legends is struggling to keep its fanbase.